Kate Middleton, the secret of her perfect clothes during state travels

Kate Middleton, the secret of her perfect clothes during state travels

The Sun Emily Andrews correspondent told us the trick the Duchess used

When you think of Kate Middleton, it's impossible not to come up with her impeccable outfits during state travel.

The clothes of the Duchess of Cambridge appear perfect even after a long flight and, thanks to the correspondent of Sun Emily Andrews, today we know the reason. The wife of Prince William, who according to the most accredited rumors would be pregnant with her fourth child, every time she travels she packs her wardrobe in her suitcases, booking an entire row of planes in order to prevent the clothes from being wasted too much.

As stated by Emily Andrews at Fabulous Digital, the Duchess also adopted this approach during the flight that brought her and her family to Kasaranga National Park in India (located in the city of Darjeeling). In circumstances like this, Kate's clothes are placed on seats by Natasha Arker, her personal stylist.

The case of scheduled flights is different (the Dukes of Cambridge have been photographed in recent months about to embark on a low-cost flight to reach Queen Elizabeth at her Balmoral residence and have flown several times in the past with British Airways). In this case – as always revealed by Emily Andrews – Kate Middleton does not have the habit of booking a whole row of the plane for her clothes.

The subject was also expressed by Scott Henshall, former creative director of Mulberry, thanks to which we know that the Duchess has the habit of choosing fabrics that are less likely to be spoiled. Among these, it is possible to remember nylon, acrylic,

When talking about the state flights of the Royal Family women, it is also necessary to remember another very useful trick aimed at avoiding that the clothes rise too much during the descent from the plane. It was revealed by label expert Myka Meyer.

Founder of the agency Beaumont Etiquette, she revealed that both Kate and Meghan when they fly have the habit of wearing undergarments made with fabrics that increase static electricity. In this way, it is very difficult for the dress above to rise up as they travel the airplane ladder and to receive them there are the cameras of journalists from all over the world.

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