Kate Middleton, the strange habit her daughter Charlotte inherited

Kate Middleton, the strange habit her daughter Charlotte inherited

Kate Middleton transgresses tradition at the table. She loves spicy foods and loves olives, a passion she passed on to her daughter Charlotte

Kate Middleton is among the youngest members of the Royal Family the one who most follows English traditions and habits, starting with her favorite looks and brands. But she too revealed less obvious tastes, especially with regards to nutrition.

If Meghan Markle follows an almost vegan diet and has forced Harry to do the same, Kate – as far as is known – has never stopped her husband William from enjoying a steak or game, although she too is very careful to follow a ' a healthy diet that avoids excess fat and red meat. Lady Middleton has always preferred proteins to carbohydrates – after the first pregnancy she followed the Dukan diet and after the third the Parker diet – but perhaps also for a matter of food education.

Although Kate is also a traditionalist at the table, she actually has some curious habits that she seems to have also passed on to her children, in particular to Charlotte. The Duchess of Cambridge loves food so spicy that even William can't handle it. He also loves spices. As Hello! Reports, when she was pregnant with her eldest son, George, she had curried vegetables cooked at a local restaurant, Upper Bucklebury, in Berkshire.

Although there is no confirmation, it seems that he loves eating sliced ​​pickles on toast. She is not a sweet tooth, even as a child. In 2018 Kate revealed: "I have eaten a lot of olives since I was little". Princess Charlotte follows in her mother's footsteps, in fact she also has a snack with olives, as told by the Daily Mail.

In Lady Middleton's diet there are also centrifuged. And so far nothing strange, the passion for fruit and vegetable juices, juices and centrifuges is shared by those who pay attention to the line. But William's wife has her own recipe: she prepares a drink based on cabbage, spirulina, matcha, spinach, coriander, blueberries. A drink that she takes every morning for breakfast to fill up on vitamins and energy, this is her little secret to always appear radiant and fit.

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