Kate Middleton, the tender confession about William

Kate Middleton, the tender confession about William

During a recent video call, Kate Middleton indulged in a tender comment about her husband William.

Kate Middleton: straight hair and gray sweater

Kate and William are undoubtedly one of the most loved royal couples ever. After a lasting engagement, which began back in 2001, and continued over the years through ups and downs, the eldest son of Lady Diana and the current Duchess of Cambridge decided to get married ten years ago, enchanting the whole world with the their fairytale ceremony. Their story, today, despite the gossips that have often circulated unfounded, continues at full speed, as the tender confession that Kate has released by surprise suggests.

During a recent video conference held with some English parents to talk about children and education, the Duchess was asked who was the person from whom she received the most support during this last and dramatic year of the pandemic. The answer was certainly not long in coming, direct and saturated with sentiment; Kate actually held up a sheet of paper bearing her husband's name, William. A simple gesture that, however, reveals, without excesses or hyperbolic gestures, the solid and resistant bond that unites the royal couple.

Moderator Melissa Loosemore then joked, “It's lovely, lovely to hear that. We don't want it to be Bridgertone or something, do we? ”, Prompting Kate's spontaneous laugh. William's wife, then, gave rise to his humanity, telling how 2020 was a terribly difficult year for many families who have not been able to support themselves. Both Kate and her husband worked hard, as a real team, to help those who suffered most during the Covid-19 crisis. Last December, for example, the couple created a special initiative, the Royal Train Tour, through which they visited various locations in the United Kingdom to thank those who have done their utmost in the fight against the virus that has brought it to its knees. the whole world. There was no lack of approval from the Queen, who defined the idea as wonderful.

Of course, however, the family always comes first. During the same video call, Kate addressed the issue of parenthood during the pandemic, calling it "exhausting", adding that her math skills are very poor. What grade would you give on a scale of 1 to 10? A “-5”, completely insufficient! In addition to being a full-time mother, Kate also joined the role of hairdresser during the lockdown, to the "great horror of my children". A handyman Duchess, who always shows great magnanimity.

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