Kate Middleton, the tender photo with her father on Instagram

Kate Middleton, the tender photo with her father on Instagram

The Dukes of Cambridge posted a very tender photo of Kate and her father on Instagram on Father's Day

In England it's Father's Day and from the Instagram account of the Dukes of Cambridge two very tender shots have been published: one of Prince William with his father Carlo, taken by Catherine in December 2019, and one of Michael Middleton with his daughter Kate .

A very sweet photo, since Lady Middleton is portrayed as a child in her dad's arms. Kate, with blonde hair styled in two pigtails, in the photo she hints at a smile while being pampered by her father: an unpublished shot of the Duchess, who melted the hearts of her subjects, ready to comment on the two shots.

Under the two photos the comments are flaked: "Adorable!", "Beautiful. Thanks for sharing "," You couldn't have been nicer ", without forgetting of course the best wishes to all the dads in England. Some followers then could not fail to notice the resemblance of little Kate with her son Louis.

Indeed it is impossible not to make the comparison, especially looking at one of the last photos always shared by the Instagram account of the Dukes of Cambridge: a private shot taken by Kate for her husband's 38 years, in which Prince William smiles sitting on a swing together to his children. The snapshot tells of the serenity of the Dukes of Cambridge and their very strong bond with their children.

Louis's expression is very similar to that of the mother as a child: the smile is identical, as well as the cut of the eyes.

On the occasion of Prince William's birthday, which coincides with Father's Day, Charles also shared the same shot with his son, and Queen Elizabeth also published a photo in the company of her grandson.

Meanwhile, the silence of Harry and Meghan did not go unnoticed: according to the latest rumors released by the tabloids, Queen Elizabeth would have asked the grandchildren to organize a new meeting to understand what the future of the Sussex will be.

Apparently the Sovereign would focus heavily on Kate and William: after the fear for Charles, infected by the Coronavirus, he would have entrusted the role of bringing the family together to the Dukes of Cambridge. It will not be an easy birthday for William: in these difficult months he has chosen to take on many responsibilities, preparing to ascend the throne and the distance from his beloved brother certainly does the rest.

Kate and Michael Middleton

Kate and Michael Middleton. Source: Instagram

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