Kate Middleton, the white jacket we all should have. And the change of the 3 looks is a charm

Kate Middleton, the white jacket we all should have. And the change of the 3 looks is a charm

Kate Middleton sports three different looks for the biggest public event ever. And she takes the stage

Kate Middleton surpasses herself. First she appears on video in an elegant blue dress, then she wears a trouser suit that matches a white blazer that we should all have. And finally she appears with a warm red sweater in perfect Christmas style. The Duchess of Cambridge takes the stage for the biggest public event of which she is the absolute protagonist.

Kate therefore continues her path that leads her straight to the role of Queen consort, in presenting the results of a large study, perhaps the largest on the subject, which focuses on the importance of the first 5 years of life in the growth of an individual. The research focuses on how childhood is perceived in the UK and the results show a lack of sensitivity in understanding how crucial the first 5 years are.

Lady Middleton, mother of three children, has always been very attentive to problems related to education and growth. A source close to the Palazzo commented: “Never seen Kate so passionate“, as People reports. In fact, William's wife, following Elizabeth's directions, hardly betrays an emotion in public. But the wind is changing and in fact Kate is becoming more and more involved in what she is doing.

Crucial, in presenting his new image, are obviously the looks. Nothing is left to chance. In the last month, Kate has lightened her hair, changed her make-up style to have a brighter and more youthful face. And even the outfits have undergone a transformation in this sense, giving us yet another style lesson.

After the seventies suit and the babydoll shirt sold like hot cakes, the Duchess chooses a more formal outfit to communicate in video, published on the official Twitter profile, the official data of the project on the Great Questions of childhood. The setting of the clip also changes. Kate is seated on a white sofa with a large glass window behind her that overlooks the gardens of Kensington Palace. She wears an electric blue dress, one of the colors that best suits her, with a V-neckline, from which a gold chain with a single pendant shines, and a leather belt that enhances the wasp waist.

The dress is signed by Reiss and of course it is recycled. The Duchess first wore it in 2012 and it is obviously out of stock. The brand is loved by the women of the Middleton family, Carole, Kate's mother, owns an identical but black one.

Then Kate moves on to a more office look, as circumstances require. He wears a black t-shirt that matches with pants of the same color and on top he sports a gorgeous white pique jacket. William's wife is sitting at a desk full of documents. She takes notes while watching the poll percentages projected on a big screen. And a porcelain cup appears on the table, probably with some tea.

Finally, he reappears in the video wearing a red sweater, in perfect Christmas style, while hanging the percentages relating to the survey on the importance of mental health on the outer wall of Kensington Palace.

Three different outfits and a mastery of the image that transform Kate into the most admired woman in the English court, so powerful that she is second only to the Queen.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton – Source: Twitter

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