Kate Middleton turns 39: William's surprise and the strategy against the paparazzi

Kate Middleton turns 39: William's surprise and the strategy against the paparazzi

Kate Middleton celebrates 39 years in Norfolk with William and 3 children. And he'll put the plan into action to protect himself from the paparazzi

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Kate Middleton copies 39 years old, in fact she was born on January 9, 1982. As for her three children, for her too it is a birthday in lockdown. So no big celebrations but some details have emerged on how what the British call the "big day" could go.

Kate is in Norfolk with William and their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. For the time being, the Dukes of Cambridge have decided to spend their current period of seclusion at their country estate, Anmer Hall, and not return to London, just like last spring. In fact, even schools are closed and the Royal Babies have resumed distance learning after the Christmas break.

Therefore, having no need to return to the capital (the Queen has canceled all the next garden parties for other reasons), Will and Kate have preferred to stay in the quieter Norfolk where they can take advantage of the vast park of their mansion and are close to the Carole and Michael residence. Middleton, the Duchess's parents.

Although in isolation, it seems that William has decided to organize a special weekend on the occasion of his wife's birthday, at least according to the indiscretions of Hello !, at least it will be in the name of lightheartedness, far from the commitments of the Court. If time permits, they will play outdoor games with their three children and the Duke could surprise Kate with a homemade cake. It would not be the first time that Will has tried his hand at cooking, at least so he hinted at on several public occasions.

As for the gift, no rumors have leaked. But we might think that George, Charlotte and Louis will make a colorful birthday card for mom, just like the one they did for the 73-year wedding of their great-grandparents, Elizabeth and Philip. While William may surprise Lady Middleton with a puppy, the couple recently lost their beloved dog.

On the occasion of her birthday, it is highly likely that Kate will share a new portrait of her on social media. It has now become a custom of the Royal Family to publish official photos for special occasions, including birthdays. Usually, Lady Middleton takes pictures of her children herself, but she relies on a professional photographer for her portraits.

Last year she chose a photo taken by Matt Porteus that showed her smiling, in the countryside, sitting on a fence in jeans and a sweater, even though her birthday was ruined by Meghan and Harry last year.

However, these official images are a tactic to avoid the paparazzi, usually more aggressive when it comes to special occasions. In fact, as the Express explains, the media prefer to use photos released by the Palazzo rather than poor quality shots.

Kate, in particular, was a victim of the paparazzi on her 25th birthday, when she found herself besieged by 20 photographers and 5 televisions as she left her London apartment. Some chased her down the street, others attempted to take pictures through the windows of her car as she drove away. At the time, rumors of an engagement between her and William, who had been dating for 4 years, had become insistent and the media pressure on the couple was almost unbearable.

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