Kate Middleton, unveiled the incredible team that works for her

Kate Middleton, the special bond with her son George

Kate Middleton looks more and more like the Queen and is flawless. His secret is an incredible team

Kate Middleton, the iconic blazers

Behind the success of Kate Middleton, always perfect in public, there is an incredible team of great professionals who work all day for her with only one goal: to make her a future Queen. The transformation has already begun and in the last speeches of the Duchess of Cambridge many have noticed a similarity, in the gestures and in the tones, compared to The Queen. A sign that William's wife is preparing to take her rightful place and lead the British monarchy.

Also thanks to a crazy team that represents Kate Middleton's great secret. The Duchess is in fact constantly followed by a group of people who plan every aspect of her life and her appearance. His right-hand man is Hannah Cockburn-Logie, a private secretary, hired in June 2020 after leaving Catherine Quinn, who was next to Kate from 2017 to 2019. Her job? Schedule the Duchess's agenda with royal appointments and coordinate the various commitments. Hannah previously worked in the Foreign Office and the Commonwealth Office. She received an MVO (Royal Victorian Order) in 2008 for her work during The Queen's visit to Slovenia, while in 2017 she was awarded an Order of the British Empire, for services rendered regarding UK-India relations. Kate met her in 2016 when she organized her tour with William in India.

Another key figure for Kate Middleton's success is Natasha Archer, a stylist who has accompanied her since the beginning of her second pregnancy. With her looks she managed to transform William's wife into a style icon, even beating her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. Next to her we find Amanda Cook Tucker, a great friend of Middleton and responsible for her hair. Finally, it is impossible not to mention Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, the nanny of royal babies who was hired in 2014 when George was only eight months old, and who helped bring an excellent balance to the family, also taking care of Charlotte and Louis.

The team, according to rumors reported by the Express, would now be in Sandringham. In fact, after Christmas the Cambridge did not return to Kensington Palace, but asked the Queen to “borrow” a part of her estate to be able to work. "They had access to Queen Elizabeth's spare room at Sandringham House to carry on their work during the lockdown," a source announced.

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