Kate Middleton with Lady Diana's tiara disgusts Camilla

Camilla Parker Bowles considered Kate's choice to be an insult to her. And throughout the evening she failed to conceal her disappointment

Kate Middleton, the tiaras and the most precious jewels

On the occasion of the annual reception at Buckingham Palace in honor of diplomats and ambassadors, Kate Middleton wore the famous Lady Diana tiara, with pearls and diamonds. The Duchess of Cambridge aroused everyone's admiration, but she also attracted many criticisms. Especially by Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles' wife (it's not the first time there has been tension between Camilla and Kate).

According to the usual well-informed, the Duchess of Cornwall was disgusted by Kate's choice to show off the precious jewel that belonged to the late mother-in-law. The reason? It would not be up to Lady Diana.

A somewhat strange comment by Camilla who was bitter enemy of Carlo's first wife. In fact, the controversy against Kate stems from an ill-concealed envy. It would be up to her and not Lady Middleton to wear that tiara.

As reported by the celebdirtylaundry.com gossip site, many think that the Duchess of Cambridge is not worthy of the famous jewel.

According to critics, Kate Middleton doesn't have what it takes to wear Princess Diana's crown. After all, the Duke and Duchess are considered by many to be "the laziest princes in the history of the English royal family".

Many argue that Kate does not have the same humility and passion as Diana about charity and social commitment. Not only that, we read on the site:

Some even think that wearing Lady Diana's tiara is disrespectful to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. Camilla thinks Kate's choice is disrespectful to him. As is known, Camilla has long tried to carve out a corner in the heart of the English people, in vain. The British in fact can not help but see Camilla as a "clumsy replacement" of Lady Diana.

In conclusion, Camilla would be disgusted, she believes that Kate's choice was an insult to him. And many witnesses confirmed that during the evening the Duchess of Cornwall failed to hide her contempt.

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