Kate scandalizes with the nude look and shows the curves of pregnancy

Kate scandalizes with the nude look and shows the curves of pregnancy

Kate Middleton between children, scandals, gossip, looks and …

For the third official release after the announcement of the second pregnancy, Kate is wearing a black cocktail dress with strategic transparent decorations by Temperley London (a low cost outfit, if you are interested in the dress you can take it home for "sun" 595 pounds).

The occasion is the gala evening in support of Action on Addiction, a charity association against addictions of which she has been godmother since 2012. Needless to say, the Duchess is splendid, she has a radiant face typical of future mothers, even if " it was easy to be here, "said Nick Barton, president of the association," for this we appreciate his presence even more ". So Kate is better, she is no longer tormented by nausea, but her ailments are not completely overcome.

As magnificent as Kate was, the look she chose isn't suited to the role she plays. Too many transparencies, although the Duchess tries to dampen them with a flesh-colored petticoat, her back is also uncovered. The nude look does not suit a princess and surely the Queen will have a fault, but Kate does not seem to worry about it, given that even in the previous evening out she showed off a really mini skirt.

More than anything the Duchess is focused on the second pregnancy. The signs are now evident: the belly has appeared, the hips are wider and, thanks to the soft dress, Kate is seen to have taken a few pounds.

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