Kate scared of Harry and Meghan: "She doesn't want to be involved"

Kate scared of Harry and Meghan: "She doesn't want to be involved"

Kate Middleton and William are increasingly scared of Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey

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Kate Middleton and William would be very frightened of Harry and Meghan Markle's behavior and terrified of what will cause the couple's interview with Oprah Winfrey. To reveal it is Page Six who has collected the testimonies of some Cambridge friends.

Kate and William would not be living well the choice of the Sussexes to tell the whole truth about Megxit and the tensions with the Royal Family on TV and there would be great tension at the Palazzo. “They don't want to get involved in Harry and Meghan Markle's soap opera,” explained a friend. On the other hand, the special interview – of which the first details have been released – promises to shake Buckingham Palace and create a new scandal.

“William and Catherine, supremely discreet people, don't want to get involved in this nonsense festival. I'm sure William is desperately sad about all of this ”. According to the first rumors in the interview, the couple will talk about Megxit, the battle against the tabloids, but above all about the quarrels in the royal family. As it is known, in fact, precisely because of the tensions between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Harry and William have drifted further and further away, so much so that, according to a friend of the prince, they would speak "only for messages".

The Cambridge “know how to listen to the advice of those close to them. Harry and Meghan don't listen to anyone. The dukes want nothing to do with this soap opera. For them, honestly, it's like watching Elizabeth Hurley in the TV series The Royals ”. If Markle has never managed to settle in London, between official commitments, strict rules to follow and the tabloids, Kate has perfectly fallen into the role of future queen. Around her today there is a "strong and united" family she can count on, made up of her parents, her brother and sister Pippa.

Even the Queen has come closer and closer to Kate, rewarding her for having been able to manage increasingly greater commitments and responsibilities during the lockdown period. Middleton, who has always had a special bond with Harry, allegedly supported and helped William in the most complicated moments in his relationship with his brother. Now, however, the Duchess would be tired of the long-distance feud and frightened of what the interview broadcast on TV could cause in the royal family.

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