Kate, the diet obsession that makes William and Pippa worry

Kate, the diet obsession that makes William and Pippa worry

Kate Middleton has always been attentive to her form, following a strict diet that in the past caused concern

Kate Middleton's line is always enviable. Since becoming the first girlfriend and then the wife of Prince William, the public has always been able to admire its amazing form.

Merit of genetics and constitution, but also the result of the strong dedication of the Duchess to the care of her body and the maintenance of tonicity and, above all, of her weight.

There was a moment, however, when this excessive attention made those around her worry. An expert from the royal family revealed to The Express that, before her wedding with William, Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, was so preoccupied with the rigid way in which she followed the diet and performed the daily exercises, to call her up to five times per day to make sure her sister ate. And Pippa was certainly not the only one to worry about Kate's health. William himself feared that the stress of becoming the wife of the future king of England weighed too much on Kate to the point of almost becoming an obsession with his body.

At that time, to present herself in perfect form at the royal wedding, Kate strictly followed the controversial Dunkan diet which excludes carbohydrates from the diet, replacing them with proteins and then with good vegetables and fats.

The Duchess has resorted to this diet even to get back in shape after pregnancies and still she is very careful about what she eats. According to real sources, Kate continues to prefer a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates and avoids dairy products. The Duchess drinks morning and afternoon smoothies, containing spirulina, black cabbage, matcha tea, spinach, lettuce, coriander and blueberries; it eats gojii berries and often watermelon, useful not only for maintaining a healthy weight but also for the health and radiance of the skin.

In addition to this, Kate's perfect form is also due to her extremely dynamic lifestyle. The Duchess loves and practices many sports: from rowing to cycling, from hockey, to skiing, to running. Moreover, he trains every day. Still according to the experts of the royals, he often does his exercises in the company of his sister Pippa in the equipped room in the basement of Kensinghton Palace: streching, abdominals, exercises with the table and with the ball. Every day Kate undergoes an intense training session to keep her body toned, which has always been very important to her.

For this attention, considered excessive by many, like her thinness, Kate was accused of being anorexic just as it had been for Princess Diana. Many argue that it is just rumors and that it is his extremely active lifestyle, his attention to food and his daily commitment to ensuring that William's wife always appears in perfect shape.

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