Kate, the Queen cancels their meeting and prepares to counter Meghan

Kate, the Queen cancels their meeting and prepares to counter Meghan

The Queen cancels meeting with Kate Middleton and prepares to counter the scandal of the Meghan Markle and Harry book

Kate Middleton and William: Harry spare tire

The Queen cancels her meeting with Kate Middleton and prepares to counter the consequences of the book that tells the escape of Meghan Markle and Harry. There is no peace for the sovereign who is dealing with a decidedly different summer than usual. She has recently moved to Balmoral and apparently wanted to meet other members of the royal family, but it will not be possible.

If Meghan and Harry refused her invitation to spend the summer with Archie in England, Kate Middleton would have been happy to join her for the mass they attend together every year. The meeting seemed fixed by now, but apparently there won't be. The Queen will not take part in the mass and will remain isolated with Prince Philip in Balmoral for a few more months, probably until October or November. A difficult situation for Elisabetta who never gave up mass and who always appreciated those moments spent with William's wife.

On the other hand, the Royal Family is not experiencing a simple period. Not only did Kate and William take on the full weight of the monarchy, me Meghan and Harry refused to retrace their steps. The Sussexes are determined to live a life in Los Angeles, far from the Crown, and soon Finding Freedom, the book that tells the Megxit from their point of view, will also be released. The release of the volume would be of great concern to the Queen, who is always attentive to privacy and determined to keep peace in the family.

Meghan would not think so, who, according to the first extracts of the book, would always have felt like a stranger. His behavior, especially shortly before the wedding, would have caused several quarrels. Markle would clash with Kate Middleton, making her cry, then provoke an argument between Harry and his beloved grandmother over a tiara. The book would also contain some revelations of Lady Diana's second child who would have confirmed to the most trusted friends that he always feels the third wheel in the relationship between Catherine and William. Precisely with the latter the situation would be very tense due to some quarrels and issues that were never resolved.

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