Katia Fanelli, from Temptation Island to GF Vip: the clue on Instagram

Katia Fanelli, from Temptation Island to GF Vip: the clue on Instagram

According to some rumors, Katia Fanelli is ready to land on Big Brother Vip 5

In recent weeks we have been talking about the next edition of Big Brother Vip and the possible competitors who will take part in it. Among the many names, that of Katia Fanelli has recently sprung up. Do you remember it? She was the undisputed protagonist of another reality show, just a year ago, and could return to entertain us in the most spied house in Italy.

Katia Fanelli took part, together with her boyfriend Vittorio Collina, in the last edition of Temptation Island, which aired in the summer of 2019. The blonde "photonics" stood out for an overwhelming sympathy and an incredible enthusiasm, so much so that she had become right from the start one of the leading characters of the transmission conducted by Filippo Bisciglia. Her adventure on the island of temptations did not end in the best way, since she and Vittorio broke up. And for some time now, Katia had lost track, with the exception of the photos she publishes on Instagram to keep in touch with her fans.

A clue comes from the social media that has not escaped the curious eye of the most attentive: it is possible that Fanelli will join the cast of the GF Vip 5. The next edition of the reality show is expected for September 2020, once again under the guide of Alfonso Signorini. In an interview with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, the conductor recently revealed that he has already supported many auditions with famous people and that he plans to move on to some younger, though less known, faces. The suspicion that Katia is among them made itself felt when the girl answered some questions from her fans on Instagram.

In fact, a follower advised her to audition for the GF: given her sparkling character and verve, she could soon become one of the most loved faces of the Channel 5 reality show. Fanelli's answer? A winking face that winks. Many saw in this emoticon the girl's willingness to participate in Big Brother Vip, if not the fact that she had already taken the audition. We just have to wait for official news on the cast of the transmission, to find out if Katia will really be the "photonics" protagonist of the next edition.

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