Katie: the down model who promotes a beauty line

Katie: the down model who promotes a beauty line

The first down model in history is Kate Meade. Advertise Fearless beauty products, a term that translated means courage

The first model down testimonial of beauty products bears the name of Katie Meade. For a few days now we have been talking about her: a beautiful 32-year-old girl suffering from Down syndrome. Katie sponsors the Fearless line for the Beauty & Pin-Ups brand. She smiles happily and whoever observes her cannot fail to notice her radiant beauty. Katie looks like a normal model ready to pose naturally in front of the photographer's lens.

The down model likes it and her beautiful face that promotes beauty products is conquering women. The line he works for is called Fearless. Never was a name more appropriate for this situation. In fact, the term translated literally means fearless, courageous. Katie is described just like this: a strong woman, of character, who has decided to become, in spite of everything, a real model. The image that is traveling around the world shows the Meade satisfied and at ease, while wearing a black T-shirt with the clearly visible Fearless writing.

The hairstyle and makeup of the down model were chosen specifically to refer to the captivating and sexy pin ups of the thirties. We know that the girl immediately accepted the initiative that was proposed to her with great enthusiasm. Among the curiosities: Katie Meade loves the artist Jennifer Lopez and considers her a precious model to imitate. The girl often thanks her family who is proud of her and is always close to her. In addition, he confesses that over time he has had excellent and numerous teachings from his parents, including those related to fashion and beauty in general.

The Beauty & Pin-Ups brand declares for its part that it has succeeded, thanks to the down model, to once and for all KO those unpleasant barriers that exist in the world of fashion. Katie Meade hopes that other women can, through her example, take courage and convince themselves that dreams can truly come true. The important thing is to believe strongly without ever feeling at fault with others. Make-up is an important tool for the down model to enhance herself, like herself and above all to love herself.

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