Kayaking: why it’s good and how to learn


Learning is simple. And kayaking down a river is one of the most popular activities feels in contact with nature. How do you get started? We talk about it with Simone Lunghicanoe and kayak instructor at Canottieri San Cristoforo in Milan:
“In calm waters, such as those of placid rivers or reservoirs, 3-4 outings are enough (or 4-5 hours total) to acquire the technical bases and check the boat’s directionality and stability ».

THE centers starting of kayaks they are scattered all over Italy: “You can rent us the boat, the life jacket, the splash guard (if necessary) and the helmet (not mandatory at the sea and the lake but essential on any type of river, even the simplest), taking lessons that can be individual or collective, with a cost of about € 15-30 per hour ».

A complete training

Paddling on a kayak it stresses the entire musculature: «You don’t just use your shoulders and arms, but also your back muscles and abdominals, which are essential for maintaining balance. The legs, on the other hand, are involved to keep the direction from the boat “, specifies the expert. “This is a complete training that improves breathing and cardiovascular capacity, because the technical gesture is based on their perfect synchrony, capable of improving the supply of oxygen to the muscles and optimizing performance”.

How to dress for kayaking

«For training in the summer a pair of shorts and a sports shirt are enough»Suggests Simone Lunghi. But beware: «When you lift the paddle to immerse it on the opposite side, the water inevitably runs down the arm.

If it is not yet hot, it is advisable to fit a splash guard and wear a waterproof windbreaker and a breathable waterproof jacket ». In addition, hands must be protected: “The classic gloves are not good, because they are soaked in water, but in sports shops there are special knobs, similar to those that are mounted on the handlebars of scooters in winter”, concludes the expert.

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