Keanu Reeves, extra luxury surprise for friends

Keanu Reeves, extra luxury surprise for friends

The actor wanted to surprise his closest friends by paying them the trip to have them with him at the preview of the new “Matrix Resurrections”

Keanu Reeves finally happy with Alexandra Grant.  All his loves

Keanu Reeves finally happy with Alexandra Grant. All his loves

Keanu Reeves is not only a great actor, he is above all a good person, who never misses an opportunity to make the people around him happy. His generosity is now overt, but it never ceases to surprise, especially in an environment like that of Hollywood, made up of excesses and whims.

Instead, the interpreter has kept his spirit and humility intact, so much so that he decides to personally offer the trip to a group of his friends to have them by his side during the world premiere of Matrix Resurrections, a new chapter in the saga that still sees him once again. once in the role of Neo, perhaps his most successful character, certainly the most famous.

Keanu Reeves, extra luxury travel for friends

To give news of the umpteenth beautiful gesture of Keanu Reeves was The Hollywood Reporter who published the statements of Chad Stahelski, Reeves’ double in the first triology of the Matrix and who directed him in the John Wick saga.

“He has flown a group of us so far – he said referring to his presence on the red carpet of the world premiere of the film in San Francisco – Keanu is incredibly generous and in the audience tonight there will be many people who have helped him, from his martial arts and jiu-jitsu coaches to hairdressers and make-up artists, to the stunt team. He made sure his friends and family were here. He is fantastic”.

Reeves would pay for the private jet, hotels, and premiere tickets, and also arrange a special post-screening brunch for all of his guests.

Keanu Reeves, the importance of sharing

Celebrity, glory, even money are of little use if you have no one to share your best moments and emotions with. A message that Keanu Reeves has always sent loud and clear and which he reiterated also on this occasion, showing incredible humility and great modesty, trying not to overstate and underline his gesture too much: “It is wonderful to be able to share our experiences and our lives together ”he limited himself to telling those who asked him why he wanted to organize that special weekend.

On the other hand, it is a drop in the ocean of good deeds performed by the actor, who had already moved everyone in recent days by deciding to donate 70% of the money collected with the film Matrix Resurrections in search of leukemia (a disease he had hit his sister). For that role, Reeves would have raised about $ 35 million. The research offer, in fact, would amount to 31 million dollars, that is the majority of its proceeds.

And that money for the actor is not everything, but rather it is mostly a means by which to live and be able to be useful and surprise those around him had already shown it on several occasions, such as the time he gave Harley Davidson to the stunts of Matrix Reloaded and custom Rolex Submariners to those of John Wick: Chapter 4. Or when he founded his charity to support and help cancer patients or auctioned a streaming date with him, with the aim of offering help to Camp Rainbow Gold, an association for cancer patients.

Matrix film

Una scena del film “Matrix Resurrections” con Keanu Reeves e Carrie-Anne Moss

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