Keratin hair treatment: what you need to know

Keratin hair treatment: what you need to know

Keratin for hair is a very widespread and effective treatment, as it makes the hair soft and shiny. But beware of these harmful ingredients

Hair keratin has become one of the most sought-after and sought after trends today. It is a highly appreciated method in the field of cosmetics and hair stylists around the world, as it counteracts the problem of frizzy hair. In this regard, however, it must be considered that this technique must be performed in a very precise manner and with the right attention, since if the unsuitable and non-certified products are used, the hair can be irreversibly damaged.

Keratin is a protein that is produced by the body and is found in hair, nails and skin. Its main function is to give elasticity to the skin along with collagen. As for hair, this protein has the task of giving a reinforcing effect, guaranteeing strength and resistance. These beneficial effects have given rise to numerous types of treatments based on this protein. In particular, shampoos, conditioners, masks and specific serums stand out in the field of cosmetics as the most effective methods for treating one's hair.

Therefore, keratin for hair is the ideal solution for electric hairstyles and moves, as it guarantees a smooth effect for 2 or 3 months. At the same time the hair will appear more voluminous and regenerated, especially if it has undergone numerous aggressive treatments such as dyes, bleaches or if it tends to be damaged due to the sun and wind. If you want to carry out this method, it is first of all preferable to be wary of those who offer low-cost treatment, as it may not be of good quality and therefore the products could be harmful.

The cost can vary greatly depending on the products being used, the length and type of hair. The price can be around 100-400 euros, since it is essential to apply products free of formaldehyde, formalin and glutaraldehyde. The maximum formaldehyde allowed by law is 0.2%. Precisely for this reason, before performing a treatment, it is advisable to read the product sheet carefully to check whether these ingredients were present which could be dangerous for the body. In addition, more attention should be paid in the case of subjects suffering from asthma, allergies or respiratory problems. Finally, a lot of caution is also required for pregnant women.

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