Kim Kardashian, Kanye West cannot see children: she responds to the accusations

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West cannot see children: she responds to the accusations

Kim Kardashian is shocked and embittered by the words of Kanye West: the ex-husband accuses her of keeping him away from the children

Divorce is never something beautiful and celebs are not exempt from it. Indeed, probably when it comes to personalities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the speech does nothing but confirm. The bursting influencer and the rapper have long ago decided to separate their lives, but the aftermath of this separation is not over. New accusations, vitriolic statements and no less replies, are all elements of one of the most talked about divorces ever (and which seems not to want to find peace).

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s accusation involving children

In itself it had caused Kanye West’s decision to buy the house across from the one where Kim Kardashian lives. Adding straw to the fire, however, were his heavy accusations against his ex-wife. If at first the rapper had stated that his choice was dictated by the desire to be closer to his children, then chaos broke out.

As Pagesix reports, cryptically (but not too much) Kanye West hinted that Kardashian wants to keep him away from them: “Nothing with my career, with this rap, with these media, with none of this, this will keep away from my children. And that’s what I want everyone to know. (…) Don’t play with me, don’t play with my children. There is no security between me and my children ”.

Definitely harsh words those of the rapper, firmly convinced that the ex-wife has “ordered” the security to get in the way to avoid contact with the children who, after the divorce, remained to live with her.

Kim Kardashian’s response to the rapper’s allegations

Kim Kardashian did not respond directly to this grave accusation, but let her divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, do it: “That Mr. West is kept away from children, safety or anyone else, is new to us. – said in a note -. The priority on both sides has always been that children maintain strong bonds with each of their parents throughout this transition and beyond. “

The influencer declares herself completely unrelated to the accusations of Kanye West. Sources close to her also stated that Kardashian would have increased security in the home only and exclusively in order to protect her privacy and that of the children, in short, to keep them away from prying eyes. Nothing to do with trying to get them away from their father.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West “floundered” on Pete Davidson?

As the well-informed will know, after the divorce Kim Kardashian found love again alongside Pete Davidson, star of comedy shows and comedies, from Saturday Night Live to Comedy Central specials and jumped to the headlines (or rather, gossip ) for a series of flirts with several well-known faces of the show.

Initially it was just rumors, but Kanye West’s latest statements confirm the relationship between the actor and his ex-wife. In fact, the answers of Kim’s lawyer were not enough: the rapper has well thought of launching into further accusations that reveal a hint of “jealousy” towards the new partner. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked CEO Jason Lee, Ye (as he calls himself now) suggested that Davidson was the very reason he was prevented from visiting his children and entering their home.

Sources close to Kardashian and Davidson have denied everything. “Pete has yet to be introduced to Kim’s children, and it is known that whenever he visits her in Los Angeles, he stays in a Beverly Hills hotel where she was spotted with him,” they told Pagesix.

For her part, Kim Kardashian went on a rampage over such claims. The influencer wants to protect the privacy of their children and talk of this type does nothing but put them to the pillory of gossip magazines. The only request from the mother (more than understandable) is that the father’s visits be planned and agreed a little in advance.

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