Kim Kardashian, the former Kanye West "consoles" himself with Irina Shayk

Kim Kardashian, the former Kanye West "consoles" himself with Irina Shayk

The rapper, after the divorce, was spotted with the beautiful model

Kim Kardashian, new life as a single (happy) and billionaire

We had left Kim Kardashian and Kanye West grappling with the divorce-event after nearly seven years of marriage, and the signs (like her not wearing the wedding ring for some time) had been a harbinger of the worst. Now other clues are emerging that lead Kanye West to a future distant from his ex-wife and close to another cover beauty: Irina Shayk.

The Daily Mail has published photos of the rapper on vacation in Provence, France, in the company of the Russian-born model Irina Shayk and the first time that Kanye is seen with another woman after the end of his relationship with Kim Kardashian. . Irina, on the other hand, left behind her dream relationship with actor Bradley Cooper, with whom she shared a four-year long love story (ended in 2019) and from which she had her first child, little Lea, born in 2017.

Kanye and Irina were spotted walking among the vineyards of the splendid and poetic area in the south of France, and strolling close by in the gardens of a luxury hotel: they were not alone, in fact a group of people was seen with them perhaps present to try to preserve their privacy.

For both it seems the time has come to finally turn the page and despite the gossip, Kanye and Kim seem to have left on good terms: the rumors say that she still signs autographs with the surname West, they exchange birthday wishes, kind compliments, and share still of the time spent with their four children, they are North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

The most famous Kardashian in the world, despite her motherhood lived with joy, fame and success in business, leaves behind three finished marriages and her last words do not seem – at least for now – to open the doors to new loves. While the most recent news about her ex-husband had described Kanye West engaged in his projects and ready for new acquaintances, only a few months ago he had declared to Gq that he wanted to attend "a creative, an artist with whom to speak the same language" . Who knows if he found what he was looking for in Irina.

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