Kimono: trendy not only in Japan

Kimono: trendy not only in Japan

The kimono is a garment that we can wear even if we don't have Japanese blood: let's see how

The kimono is a garment of Japanese origin, which has long since landed in Europe and worn in a thousand different ways. Let's see how to make it portable even in the city.

Kimono: a bit of history

The kimono is a kind of long jacket, which, forgive the heresy if you are fond of the fascinating and very rich Japanese culture, vaguely resembles a dressing gown and is fastened at the waist by a wide belt called obi. If you look at it not worn, it has a T shape and originally had all straight seams, apart from those on the collar, and was made from a single rectangular piece of fabric. The ceremonial kimonos, in heavy and worked or painted fabrics, could weigh up to 20 kilos.

How to wear the kimono

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Kimono: like a dress

Today the kimono has been cleared as a sophisticated garment for the city, to be worn as if it were a dress. You can wear it to the skin and cross it tightly in front, perhaps wearing a ton sur ton slip underneath. Cuissardes will also work well on your feet, especially if the kimono is short.

Black kimono

Kimono: like a jacket

You can also wear it as if it were a jacket, so with trousers and a shirt underneath, although, in all honesty, I prefer it worn on the skin. If you choose it in a rich and worked fabric, such as velvet, it will become a perfect garment for the mid-season.

Velvet kimono

Kimono: with leggings

If boots aren't your thing, but you don't want to leave your legs uncovered, you can wear leggings underneath and maybe combine them with high-heeled pumps. My advice, as always, is to opt for simplicity, especially if the kimono fabric is very rich or if the pattern is bright or very colorful. Let the kimono itself be the highlight of your look and keep the accessories as basic as possible.

Kimono with belt

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