Kobido: anti-wrinkle and anti-stress massage

Kobido: anti-wrinkle and anti-stress massage

From Japan, a technique to tone the face and feel better. Discover the Kobido, a parenthesis of wellness all for you

The Japanese take relaxation techniques very seriously. Perhaps because they live in a very competitive society, where everyone is required to always be at the top, they have learned that taking time for themselves is fundamental, as is putting the knowledge of alternative medicine into practice in order to be cured in a natural way.

In addition to petrissage, another massage technique originating from the Rising Sun is also spreading to us: it is the Kobido, a veritable beauty ritual that promises to stretch out the features and restore tone to the skin, erasing small wrinkles. According to tradition, it was created in the fifteenth century at the request of an empress who wanted a cure that enhanced her beauty and kept her unchanged over time.

This is why the Kobido is also called the "massage of eternal youth", and it has not only aesthetic but also healthy purposes because it aims to rebalance the vital energy and thus make us feel better. Kobido bases its benefits on the effects of oxygenation of the facial epidermis. In practice, with a combination of energetic and delicate massage, the circulation is reactivated and therefore the skin gets a greater quantity of oxygen and the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated, substances fundamental for the turgidity of the tissues.

The result is a more relaxed and radiant appearance, because oxygenation eliminates the dull appearance that the skin can take. But the Kobido massage has not only visible results: by submitting yourself to this treatment you completely release tension by reducing stress and therefore you immediately feel more serene and energetic.

To enjoy safe results it is important to avoid improvisations: always put yourself in the hands of qualified personnel such as professional spas.

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