La Balivo hosts Signorini on Instagram and comments Pupo on GF Vip

Caterina Balivo hosted Alfonso Signorini at My Next Book, who spoke about her experience to Big Brother Vip

Caterina Balivo hosted Alfonso Signorini at My Next Book, her program live on Instagram: in addition to talking about her book Too fair, too fragile dedicated to Maria Callas, she also spoke about the experience of running Big Brother Vip.

The social program, which sees Balivo engaged every day next to her husband, showed the public a side of the director of Chi not very known, that of writer: "Alfonso is a great intellectual and a great writer", he said with admiration Guido Maria Brera, and jokingly Signorini replied: "Caterina you have already done it, but I will marry your husband after what he told me!".

In addition to having discussed the book, as provided by the format, the three also spoke, as expected, of the experience of Big Brother Vip. Brera did not spare himself, congratulating the presenter on how he managed to manage the running of an entertainment program in a complicated moment like the present one.

"You were exceptional – confessed the husband of Balivo – only an intellectual like you could do it". Alfonso Signorini revealed that he wanted to make a change to the program in progress, trying to give more space to stories and emotions.

During the chat, Balivo also expressed his opinion on Pupo stating that, during the transmission, he would let himself go to jokes out of place. Signorini, somewhat displaced by the comment, defended his adventure companion:

I tell you the truth, I rediscovered Pupo in the second part of the program. It was crucial for me. He looks like a gigion, but he studies everything with an extraordinary lucidity, he leaves nothing to chance, it was a very important shoulder for me.

Then Alfonso went on to talk about his experience at the helm of Big Brother Vip:

I never wanted to read anything because I didn't want to be influenced, I wasn't even a columnist. I had fellow commentators who read what the audience wrote on social networks before the episode because they wanted easy applause.

Signorini also wanted to clarify the role of the presenter, finding Balivo's support:

After the program I read that I hadn't liked it as a host, and this really made me smile, because I was expressing opinions. 'The conductor must be super partes': but who said that? Opinions make an all-round conductor. Having opinions is what makes the difference, and I will continue to express my opinions, even as a conductor.

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