La Vita in Diretta, freezing in the studio between Cuccarini and Matano. She doesn't say goodbye and he reacts

Lorella Cuccarini

High tension at La Vita in Diretta after the accusations of Cuccarini in Matano: she does not say goodbye and he leaves the frame

The last episode of La Vita in Diretta closes with frost in the studio and no greeting, after the accusations of Lorella Cuccarini on Alberto Matano. The letter written by the presenter and distributed by Leggo has created great confusion in Rai, bringing to light a strong contrast between the two presenters of the show.

"There is a 'first time' I wasn't prepared for: the confrontation with the unbridled ego and – yes, let's face it – with the unexpected male chauvinism of a work colleague – Cuccarini wrote in the letter, speaking of La Live Life -. Exercised more or less subtly, but with determination. Constantly. Sometimes alternating with incredible (and never believed) public declarations of esteem for me. I know that I certainly don't have to remind you that you were here. And if you wanted to look for the reason for all this, it would certainly not be necessary to turn to Bruzzone. Now the mission is accomplished and I greet the program ".

The clear reference to Matano (who has never been mentioned) and the accusations came within hours of the last episode of La Vita in Diretta. The journalist and presenter then conducted the program with a very different atmosphere from the previous ones. It is impossible not to notice the chill between the two, who never spoke or looked at each other, but above all the gesture of Alberto who, at the final greetings, disappeared from the frame, leaving without saying anything to his colleague.

"I would like to say heartfelt thanks to this studio, to this machine, to all the people who have worked in such a difficult year – said Cuccarini, taking leave of the public -. Thank you for your courage because we looked at each other in the first days of this pandemic and there was fear. Thanks to you at home, you have rewarded this program. I don't know where, I don't know when, we will meet again, it was a privilege to do public service and to be by your side every day in a difficult year ”.

Live Life ends for this season and will give way to its summer version conducted by Andre Delogu and Marcello Masi. Those who expected an emotional greeting like that of Elisa Isoardi at the Chef's Try, however, saw their expectations disappointed. As soon as Lorella finished speaking, Matano disappeared from the frame, probably leaving the studio. There was no live dispute, as many speculated, but the tension characterized the whole episode. Shortly after, the journalist replied in his own way on Instagram, publishing a photo with the La Vita in Diretta working group in which, of course, Cuccarini is absent.

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