Lactic ferments: what they are and when to take them

Lactic ferments: what they are and when to take them

Bacterial strains involved in the milk fermentation process, lactic ferments are essential for bowel health

When it comes to lactic ferments, it is part of the bacterial strains that participate in the milk fermentation process. Furthermore, like many other bacteria, they are able to metabolize lactose.

In this case, the only difference is that we are talking about beneficial bacteria for the human body. Naming lactic ferments also means remembering that the healthiest ones for our body are those capable of producing lactose and also known as live lactic acid bacteria or probiotics.

Very often, when the expression "lactic ferments" is used, those that are not probiotics are also framed. Attention: they are bacterial strains just like probiotic lactic ferments but, unlike the latter, they are not present in the human intestinal microbiota and, for this reason, do not have beneficial effects.

Returning instead to probiotic lactic ferments it is good to highlight their positive influence on the intestinal bacterial flora, whose quality is fundamental for health in general (to highlight this aspect also the experts of Humanitas have thought about it).

Among their most important peculiarities is the ability to resist the action of gastric juices. By virtue of this characteristic, lactic ferments are able to adhere to the intestinal walls. In this way, they are able to prevent the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria strains. Thanks to the process described above, lactic ferments manage to realize the so-called intestinal eubiosis.

The expression in question indicates a picture characterized by an optimal quantity of non-pathogenic bacteria. Continuing with the characteristics of lactic ferments it should be pointed out that their source of nourishment are the fibers that our body takes when we consume fruit and vegetables.

The action of lactic ferments found in our intestines can be supported by taking probiotic supplements. In which cases is it appropriate to hire them? Assuming that it is appropriate to take them only after consulting your doctor, probiotic supplements based on lactic ferments can be useful in all those situations that see the intestinal bacterial flora affected by unbalanced situations.

The consequence just mentioned can be revealed in the course of a therapy based on antibiotics, but also in situations of particularly strong psycho-physical stress or following a period of improper nutrition and poor in fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

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