Lady Bonolis: "So I raised my sick daughter"

Lady Bonolis: "So I raised my sick daughter"

Her firstborn was born with heart problems. This is why he appeals for families facing a disability: "Don't leave them alone"

Sonia Bruganelli returns to talk about her daughter's illness, to raise public awareness on the issue of families and disabilities. He does it in an interview with Corriere della Sera, telling about his tiring and painful experience but at the same time full of love: "Maternity, extraordinary, are all. Because becoming a mother is a unique experience that often isn't even prepared for. In my case one of my three was even more. "

Silvia Bonolis, her firstborn, is now 12 years old. She was born with heart problems: "Our first child was born with heart disease and my mother's story started a bit uphill," he explained, "I tend to be very frank, in the sense that it is not desirable. a disability but at the same time I believe that the strength that these children have is an enormous resource ».

You can't do everything alone and Bruganelli, who has gone through really difficult years, knows it: «You have to have a lot of strength, a big family behind you, sometimes even sacrifice the other brothers (Davide, 10 years old, and Adele of 7 , editor's note) because things are a bit more complicated ».

An uphill road but this does not mean that smiles were missing: «The happiness of the child is the priority of every mother and these children give off a lot of joy, serenity, they give us strength. It is a path that I would not have chosen, but if they told me now to go back, I would live it again ». Unfortunately, Lady Bonolis was lucky because she has no financial problems and has a family that has supported her. But for many families this is not the case and she knows it well. For this he launched an appeal: «I believe that the great difficulty of families with disabilities is from the point of view of aid. You must not leave them alone ».

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