Lady Diana 39 years after her wedding with Carlo: it would be destroyed by the dispute of William and Harry

Lady Diana 39 years after her wedding with Carlo: it would be destroyed by the dispute of William and Harry

Lady Diana and Carlo got married on July 29, 1981. Today the Princess would be "devastated" to see her children divided forever

Lady Diana and Carlo got married on July 29, 1981. Their was the first great media wedding of the 20th century. But how spectacular the marriage was, how marital life was immediately disastrous. And today a shadow is spread over the children of that union, William and Harry.

Then, 39 years ago, Diana enchanted the world with an ivory-colored taffeta and silk wedding dress, adorned with ancient lace and with a seven-meter long train, which went down in history. The carriage ride, the kiss from the balcony, the bridesmaids with the flower crowns, the exultant crowd, all contributed to making the atmosphere fairytale, a fairy tale that soon turned into a nightmare.

As Lady D confessed, she realized that during the honeymoon there were three of them. And the third inconvenient was called Camilla Parker Bowles, now wife of Carlo, perfectly integrated into the Royal Family as evidenced by the military title inherited from Prince Philip, Elizabeth's husband.

Carlo and Diana had two children, William and Harry. Although the gossips also speak of a secret daughter. They divorced in 1996 and on August 31, 1997 the Princess died in a tragic accident in Paris. He was only 37 years old. Her legacy is still very strong and her memory is constantly kept alive as well as by people all over the world, who adored her, even by her children, today in total rupture.

Those who lived next to her underline how Diana was concerned about her boys and from an early age recommended to be united. This is why now that the Princes have reached a point of no return, separated not only physically by thousands of kilometers, Andrew Morton, the official biographer of Lady D., said that: "It would be destroyed to see William and Harry quarrel so after the revelations of the new book on Sussex ".

With the book Finding Freedom, Morton says: "Harry not only burned the bridges with the Royal Family, but also buried the ashes." The volume compares Harry's situation with that of his mother, comparing the "vipers at Buckingham Palace" mentioned by Harry with "the gray men" reported by Diana. Morton points out: "Diana would be devastated to witness the breakdown between her children." She was quiet to know that William, destined to rise to the throne, could always count on his brother's support. But things went differently.

The expert continues: "They had a special relationship. Nobody can understand the pain of losing a mother as kids. As much as William and Harry love their wives, neither Kate Middleton nor Meghan Markle can really know how it feels. "

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