Lady Diana and Carlo, the touching revelation of a friend

Lady Diana and Carlo, the touching revelation of a friend

23 years after her death, a friend of the Princess makes a touching revelation

23 years have passed since the tragic death of Lady Diana, but approaching the anniversary brings with it, year after year, a very deep veil of sadness.

The life of the Princess, who disappeared in the now sadly famous accident of the Alma Bridge in Paris, has been investigated in the smallest details: from the increasingly melancholy gaze, to the reluctance to follow the Royal protocol, to the loves that have her accompanied in recent years after the divorce from Prince Charles.

Lady D.'s tormented vicissitudes filled the pages of the tabloid magazines of the 1990s which, from time to time, hoped to be able to steal the Princess's private moments. An enormous media pressure that profoundly affected Diana's life and emotions and, related to her most private feelings, are the words reported by Lily Hua: acupuncturist and friend of the Princess.

Statements that are surprising because they tell of a Diana still deeply in love with Carlo, despite the divorce, and in spite of the rumors that they wanted him already engaged with Camilla Parker Bowles. A complicated menàge a trois that led Diana into despair immediately after the fairytale wedding with the Prince. A delicate and controversial scenario that turned on the one hand into a public separation and, on the other, into a strong regret for Diana. Despite the enormous pain, in fact, the confidant of the Princess revealed that the latter was not only still very attached to her ex-husband but also longed to have a second chance.

A tormented feeling that would therefore seem to have never ended on the part of Diana who was also linked to Carlo by the love for the children they had together: William and Harry. Two siblings who lost their mothers little more than children and who today, adults and in turn parents, will spend the anniversary of his death separated for the first time. A scenario that would probably have upset the Princess, very attached to them and proud of their complicity.

A complicity that today may have been swept away by family misunderstandings and by Harry's recent desire, shared by his wife Megan Markle, to get away from London and the Royal Family. A departure which, together with the recent declarations revealing a Diana still in love with Carlo, make the anniversary of the death of a woman who has left an unbridgeable void behind her even more tragic.

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