Lady Diana, Camilla's gesture at the funeral (the Queen was furious)

Lady Diana, Camilla's gesture at the funeral (the Queen was furious)

During Diana's funeral, Camilla made a gesture that made the Queen very angry.

On the day of Lady Diana's funeral, Camilla made a gesture that caused Queen Elizabeth's fury.

To reveal Penny Junor, biographer of the Royal Family who wrote a book dedicated to Diana Spencer and entitled The Duchess: The Untold Story. Between the pages of the volume the story of Lady D is traced back to her tragic death, which occurred in August 1997. A chapter is dedicated to Carlo and to the way he decided to manage his wife's disappearance.

The two had already divorced at the time and Lady Diana had other loves, but her sudden death, due to a terrible accident, struck Carlo, who was shocked by the incident. The Prince was so touched by what had happened to his ex-wife that he did not go to the Queen, despite being a few meters from him, but he called Camilla to inform her of what had happened.

Parker Bowles, who for years had been Diana's sworn enemy, immediately went to court and remained with Charles for some time, consoling him, until the day of the funeral. According to the biographer Camilla wanted to stay close to William and Harry that day, also supporting Carlo.

When the Queen found out what was going to happen, she became very angry, believing her gesture of bad taste after she had been plotting against Diana for years, and ordered Camilla to leave the Palace immediately. Parker Bowles was forced to flee secretly and remain in the shadows, giving up being close to Carlo.

An episode, like so many that belong to Diana's funeral, which has never been told and that only emerges today. For years, however, the Royal Family has refused to talk about the tragic fate of the Princess. For Harry and William the pain was too strong, for Charles and Queen Elizabeth it was perhaps a sense of guilt for the way Lady D had been treated during her years at Court.

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