Lady Diana, Harry ready to become King. Meghan Markle disappointed

Lady Diana, Harry ready to become King. Meghan Markle disappointed

William would have confessed to Diana several times that he did not want to become King, so much so that Harry was ready to replace him. But things have changed over the years

Lady Diana, life of a princess

Harry was ready to become King if William refused the crown. This is what emerges from the documentary of Channel 5, William and Kate: Too Good To Be True.

Real-world expert Anna Pasternak discussed William's awareness in childhood that he would inherit the throne one day. The Prince would have repeatedly confessed to his mother Diana that he did not want to become King. His constant refusals to take responsibility for the Crown led his brother Harry to intervene: "If he does not want it, I will take it."

Carlo and Diana's second son would have said the joke ironically. But as the saying goes: "Joking, joking you tell the truth". To confirm this, there are rumors that the contrasts between William and Harry are to be found already in childhood. The two brothers, despite being very close especially after the death of the mother, have always been jealous of each other, both in the relationship with the parents and with respect to the visibility obtained by the media.

Then over time the situation changed. As Pasternak points out, William became aware of his fate and Harry tried to follow Diana by engaging in social work, realizing that he would hardly take his brother's place on the throne. Moreover, in the same documentary it turns out that the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate Middleton are under special surveillance.

Although Harry has decided to leave the Royal Family, in agreement with his wife Meghan Markle, he has never hidden the nostalgia for the positions left, especially the military ones. In addition, he encountered many difficulties in starting his own business, having no experience in the world of work. All issues that, according to sources close to the couple, would have disappointed Meghan that perhaps she did not expect such an attachment of her husband to monarchist duties.

Meanwhile, according to the Telegraph, the Sussex have postponed the debut of their charity, the Archewell Nonprofit, inspired by the name of their son Archie. “The priorities have changed, the couple have directed their efforts on the Black Lives Matter movement and the consequences of the pandemic.

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