Lady Diana, her brother reveals a background on the funeral

Lady Diana, her brother reveals a background on the funeral

Lady Diana's brother reveals a background about the Princess's funeral

Charles Spencer, brother of Lady Diana, reveals a background on the funeral 22 years after the death of the Princess of Wales.

It was August 31st 1997 when Diana, who had turned 36 years old less than two months, died as a result of a car accident under the Alma tunnel in Paris. The Mercedes on which he traveled with his companion Dodi Al-Fayed crashed into a pillar of the tunnel after a mad rush to escape the paparazzi and there was no escape for the Princess.

Diana's funeral was celebrated on 6 September when 3 million people poured into the streets of London. The coffin of William and Harry's mother left Kensington Palace and crossed Hyde Park to St. James's. Here the sons of Lady D, Carlo, the father Filippo and Charles, brother of the Princess, joined the procession that followed the coffin.

Everyone still remembers the sad expression of the two boys, at the time little more than teenagers, Elisabetta who bends her head in front of the coffin and the poignant song of her friend Elton John during mass. But few know a backstory about the funeral of Lady D. To tell it, several years later, it is Charles, the beloved brother who spoke a touching speech during the funeral.

The Count revealed that the family march behind the coffin with William and Harry was imposed by the Court. "It was a real nightmare – he recalled -: it was the worst half hour of my life. Prince Philip ordered us to look straight ahead. I could only hear our footsteps and horses. I still have nightmares at night ”.

Charles added that he would never let Diana's children walk behind the coffin, since they were already very upset, but he was deceived. "They told me a lie, saying that it was the two boys who wanted to do it – he explained -. No child should be forced to do such a thing. "

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