Lady Diana, The Crown relaunches its iconic jacket

Lady Diana, The Crown relaunches its iconic jacket

"The Crown", the series that tells the story of the Royal Family, relaunches the iconic jacket loved by Lady Diana

The Crown 4, the characters of the series in real life

The Crown relaunches Lady Diana's iconic jacket, the Barbour. The fourth season of the Netflix show marked the return of an item of clothing that seemed to have disappeared and that in the 1980s became the most loved by the royal family. We are talking about the Barbour, the waxed jacket born in 1894 and present in many scenes of the TV series about the Royal Family. Appreciated by the English aristocracy, the jacket became very famous in 1982 when Diana was photographed wearing it during a walk on the moor.

From that moment the Barbour became a beloved garment worn all over the world, until the end of the nineties when the crisis of the royal family, immediately after the death of Lady D, also led to the decline of this trend. Today the jacket appreciated by Diana and sported on many occasions, is back in fashion with the airing of the fourth season of The Crown. Those who owned the Barbour have dusted it off the wardrobe, wearing it, while those who have noticed it in some episodes of the series continue to look for it on the sales sites, where hundreds of ads have popped up.

The success of the outerwear demonstrates once again the immense power of Diana and how much her figure is appreciated even by those who have never managed to know her. Thanks to The Crown, in fact, Harry and William's mother has become an icon for generation Z, the one formed by those born between 1997 and 2012, therefore after his death.

The success of The Crown, meanwhile, continues, but the royal family doesn't seem to like the show which tells the backstory of Queen Elizabeth's life. In particular, The Queen and William would not have appreciated the choice to tell the marriage crisis between Diana and Carlo. "The royal family is infuriated by the staged plot," explained The Sun. Kate Middleton's husband also allegedly criticized The Crown. “The Duke of Cambridge is not very satisfied with it – the tabloid reads -. He feels that both of his parents are exploited and presented in a false and simplistic way only to make a profit […] We continue to focus on things that happened in very difficult times, 25 or 30 years ago, without thinking about anyone's feelings. It is not fair, particularly when so many of the things depicted do not represent the truth ”.

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