Lady Diana, the mysterious lover who made her lose her mind

Lady Diana, the mysterious lover who made her lose her mind

When she was still married to Carlo, Diana fell madly in love with Oliver Hoare, to the point of planning to escape with him to Italy.

Lady Diana, life of a princess

When Lady Diana was still married to Carlo, she fell madly in love with Oliver Hoare, an art dealer who literally made her lose her mind.

Little or nothing is known about this clandestine love story and even the lover of the Princess of the People remained shrouded in mystery, certainly he did not have the same clamor as the surgeon, Hasnat Khan, or the media implications of the relationship with Dodi AL-Fayed, who died together with Lady D in the tragic accident under the bridge of the Alma in Paris.

Talking about the secret bond between Diana and Oliver was the officer, Ken Wharfe, in charge of protecting the Princess, who years ago revealed to the Sun how Lady D needed Hoare every moment: "He was the first man to physically attract her".

When their relationship began, Lady D was still married to Carlo who, as is known, was cheating on his wife with Camilla Parker Bowles. Diana felt neglected by her husband and was unhappy, so she was fascinated by the beauty and charm of Hoare. Not even the age difference, he was 16 years older than her, was an obstacle to their passion. Even the art dealer, a graduate of the Sorbonne, was then married and already the father of three children.

"He had an elegance of his own and knew all the secrets of Diana", specifies the Sun. However, secrets that he took to his grave, in fact Oliver died at 73 on 23 August 2018 due to cancer. The magazine also reports details of the clandestine relationship. Diana and Hoare met at night in the corridors of Kensington Palace. The Princess was crazy about the art dealer to the point of confessing to her friend, Lady Bowker, that she dreamed of running away with him and going to live in Italy.

Ken Wharfe said that one night Diana, who hated smoking, chased her lover and his cigar out of her bedroom. The smoke, however, triggered the fire alarm and he hid behind a huge flower vase to avoid being seen.

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