Lady Diana, the quarrel with William and the mystery of the child in the hospital

Lady Diana, the quarrel with William and the mystery of the child in the hospital

More than 20 years after her death, new details emerge about Diana. From William's fire call to the mystery of the surviving infant

23 years have passed since the tragic accident that caused the death of Lady Diana. It was August 31, 1997 when the Princess of the People died prematurely. And still there are many mysteries that envelop his life.

Starting with the ring purchased with Dodi Al-Fayed shortly before his death (watch the video above) or the dynamics of the crash or the one concerning the baby just a few days old she cradled in hospital. And then there are the regrets of children William and Harry, today separated for the first time on the anniversary of Diana's disappearance, who hastily greeted their mother on the phone without knowing that they would never see and hear her again and the fury of the eldest son against his mother after the famous BBC scandal interview.

But let's proceed in order. Lady Diana would have saved the life of a child of a few days during a secret visit to the Royal Brompton Hospital where the surgeon Hasnat Khan worked with whom she was in love.

To reveal this story to The Mail on Sunday is James Whetton, the little one, now an adult, that Diana would have somehow saved. James says he was born with a serious heart malformation. When he was just 6 days old, the Princess visiting the hospital cradled him in her arms with love. Whetton believes that somehow this gesture of great gentleness helped him overcome the disease and survive.

As evidence of the episode, there is a photo, taken in January 1996, with Diana and little James, an image that Whetton still keeps on his cell phone.

While speaking of telephones, there is a call that William will never forget. The one he did to his mother Diana after the BBC interview in which the Princess told of Charles's betrayals with Camilla and his ailments. It seems that the Prince was furious at Lady D's decision to tell the world some painful events in her private life. And despite his young age, he severely attacked his mother, uttering a sentence that perhaps he will regret today: “I will never forgive you“.

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