Lady Diana, the special bond with Tom Cruise that made Nicole Kidman jealous

Lady Diana, the special bond with Tom Cruise that made Nicole Kidman jealous

"Diana was in love with Tom Cruise" and this made Nicole Kidman jealous, then married to the Hollywood star

Lady Diana, the men she loved

Lady Diana would have had a special relationship with Tom Cruise to whom she was secretly attracted. The revelation of this bond resurfaced after the death, last July, of Judy Wade, author of several books about the Princess.

In one of her writings, Diana: The Intimate Portrait, from 2007, Wade told of Diana's infatuation with Tom Cruise that made Nicole Kidman, then wife of the Hollywood star, jealous. The book talks about Lady D's "cheeky crush" on Cruise, whom she met at the premiere of Rebel Hearts in 1992. On that occasion, the two were able to strike up a conversation.

Unfortunately for Diana, who had recently separated from Carlo, Tom was very fond of Nicole Kidman and did not succumb to the charm of the People's Princess. Kidman, however, became aware of Lady D's interest in her husband and gave her defiant looks as if to say: "Get your hands off my man", at least that's what we read in the 2007 book.

New Idea reports the testimony of a source close to the Australian actress who linked Kidman's jealousy to her refusal to play the role of Diana when it was proposed to her. The insider continued: "Nicole is very territorial and jealous of her man, even if now the story is over and the rival woman is dead, the grudge has remained".

Although there was no love story between Lady D and Tom Cruise, the Mission Impossible star was fond of the Princess and attended her funeral in 1997 (this year for the first time William and Harry remembered their missing mother separately) . Kidman was also there: “But I think it was more Tom's wish than hers,” says the source.

This would not be the only time that the actress is unhappy with the friendships of her men. Kidman reportedly got jealous of her current husband, Keith Urban, relationship with Jennifer Lopez that became established during the American idol show.

Although Diana was attracted to Tom Cruise's beauty, the Princess's heart as it is known was beating for the surgeon Hasnat khan.

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