Lady Diana, the unsettling prophecy of Grace Kelly

Lady Diana, the unsettling prophecy of Grace Kelly

The first meeting between Grace Kelly and Lady Diana led the actress to utter a prophecy

A disturbing prophecy and words that have (sadly) come true: there is all this and much more in the first meeting between Grace Kelly and Lady Diana.

Two princesses and two destinies, unfortunately similar: Grace and Diana were both beautiful, decided and with a great future ahead, but fate had something different in store for them. The fate, which had led them to become among the most envied women on Earth, was about to play him a bad joke.

It was 1981 when they met at an event at Goldmist's Hall in London. Grace was in its full glory: a former Hollywood star and a happy bride to Ranieri of Monaco. Lady Diana, on the other hand, was still the girlfriend of Charles of England and, only 19 years old, still struggled to get accepted by the English press, her subjects and the Queen.

At the concert Diana, who was already afraid of not being reciprocated by Carlo, presented herself with a black dress and a wide neckline. A choice that cost her harsh criticism. The cut of the dress was not suitable for the occasion, while black is a color that royalty only uses when they are in mourning.

The look was a real disaster and even when she was at the theater Lady Diana was unable to improve the situation. As his biographer and friend Andrew Morton reveals, the Sad Princess felt terribly uncomfortable. "I didn't know what to do, where to look – he will remember years later -. Where to go. Whether to hold the bag in the left or right. I was simply terrified. "

During the evening he collapsed and ran to the bathroom to cry. Here he met Grace Kelly, beautiful and determined, who spoke a few words that over the years have turned out to be a sad prophecy. According to some witnesses when Charlotte Casiraghi's grandmother and mother of Carolina of Monaco saw Diana despair confirmed that her look was not suitable for the occasion.

Then he just told her: "But don't worry, going ahead will be worse." The betrayal of Carlo with Camilla, the clashes with the Queen, the eating disorders, the scandal of divorce and the wrong loves: for Diana in the years to come great pains would have arrived, until her death, in 1997, due to a car accident.

Grace Kelly's premonition turned out to be correct, but perhaps not even she knew that the same misfortune would tear her life, too, in 1982.

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