"Lady Diana threatened death Camilla Parker Bowles": new revelations

"Lady Diana threatened death Camilla Parker Bowles": new revelations

In the library a biography that tells the most famous love triangle for the first time from Camilla's point of view. The result is a merciless portrait of Lady D

Lady Diana, life of a princess

The love triangle between Carlo, Diana and Camilla is perhaps the most famous of the 20th century. But if you think you know everything, you're wrong. For the 70 years (born 17 July 1947) of the Duchess of Cornwall and 20 years after the death of the Princess of the People, a new book on the subject was released in English bookstores, The Duchess: The Untold Story, by the writer Penny Junor where for the first time the whole story is told from the point of view of Camilla Parker Bowles. The biography collects unpublished testimonies of friends and family of Carlo's current wife. And a merciless portrait of Lady D comes out.

The Daily Mail has published some advances. Everything comes from the overwhelming passion that involves Carlo and Camilla when the two are still free from all ties. Too bad that she is not noble and therefore it is practically impossible to marry the crown prince (Kate Middleton's years are still far away). Perhaps fearing to remain a spinster, he got married in 1973 with army officer Andrew Parker Bowles from which he separated in 1995, after having given him two children. Before marrying, however, he wrote a heartbreaking farewell letter to Carlo.

The prince is pushed by the family to get engaged to the 19 year old Diana Spencer, perfect candidate to become future queen: she is noble, she is a virgin, she is young and malleable. But the heir to the throne does not love her, on the contrary, he is desperate the night before getting married. Carlo can't forget Camilla and with every excuse sends her flowers. Even the young promise is tormented. To persuade her to go up to the altar are the sisters who say to her: "It's too late, your face is now on all the souvenirs". But she is obsessed with the same woman who occupies the heart of her future husband. Carlo and Diana got married on 29 July 1981 and the love triangle officially began.

The situation actually had already become critical when Diana, some time before the wedding, discovered a bracelet for Camilla with their secret initials on her boyfriend's desk. Everything falls on honeymoon. The newlyweds for the resentment would have thrown into the sea the watercolors of Carlo that he spent all the time in solitude.

Penny Junor sees the Prince of Wales as "the architect of the disaster". It is because of her if Diana in search of attention falls ill with bulimia and her wrong choices create a series of scandals and storms at the Court that threaten the stability of the Monarchy.

The book then reveals how Camilla and Carlo became lovers. "He's sick without you," his friends told her, and so to preserve his health, she resumed attending him. Diana in the famous BBC interview of 1995 declared that in her marriage there were three of them: "Our marriage is a bit too crowded".

In the Junor book, however, an unpublished side of Diana emerges that appears as a calculator, capable of maneuvering the press in its favor, making Camilla the Rottweiler who has destroyed the happiness of the innocent Lady D who, reads, has threatened to the Duchess of Cornwall died several times. It seems he made threatening phone calls to her husband's lover, saying: "I sent someone to kill you. I'm out in the garden. "

Twenty years after the tragic accident where the Princess of the People lost her life, Camilla removes some pebbles from her shoe telling how much she too had to suffer because of Carlo, the true executioner of this overwhelming passion.

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