Lady Diana, you can buy her engagement ring too

Lady Diana, you can buy her engagement ring too

Lady Diana's engagement ring, worn today by Kate Middleton, can be bought at an affordable price

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From today anyone will be able to buy Lady Diana's engagement ring, also worn by Kate Middleton. It is a perfect reproduction of the precious one worn by both William's mother and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The imitation is done in a workmanlike manner, with unique details that immediately strike and is available on Amazon in sterling silver plated with Swarovski zircons in both blue and red. The price, of course, is very accessible: around 50 euros. It is one of the most famous engagement rings in the world, which has gone down in history not only for its beauty, but also because of the famous women who wore it. It was Lady Diana who chose and ordered it, leafing through the catalog of Garrand, court jeweler. On the day of the young Spencer’s engagement to Carlo, the ring attracted the attention of the press and his image went around the world.

Platinum Plated Sterling Silver 'Kate' Ring with Swarovski Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Blue Sapphire, Size 6 Platinum Plated Sterling Silver "Kate" Ring with Swarovski Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic Blue Sapphire, Size 6 The ring that belonged to Lady Diana before and to Kate now with blue or red stone 49,80 EUR Buy on Amazon

After the tragic death of the princess, which occurred in August 1997, William and Harry went to Kensington Palace where Diana's safe was opened and the two children were allowed to take precious items in memory of their beloved mother. William chose the gold Cartier Tank Française watch for himself, while Harry preferred the 12-karat sapphire ring with a diamond crown.

In 2011, when William decided to ask for Kate Middleton's hand, he asked Harry the favor of having Diana's ring. The brother agreed and the Duchess of Cambridge today sports the precious that belonged to the princess. A gesture, that of Harry, that Carlo's eldest son has always remembered with emotion. “We like to feel our mother still close to us,” she declared long ago, speaking of her mother's jewels. In fact, at the time the two brothers were very close and the young man dreamed of a love like that of William and Kate. The right woman for him would arrive only a few years later thanks to his meeting with Meghan Markle.

According to Palazzo rumors, before organizing the wedding proposal to Meghan, having no longer available Diana's sapphire, Harry would have removed two diamonds from his mother's favorite necklace. It is a very famous pearl necklace, worn by Lady D on many occasions, especially during the famous dance with John Travolta, when he was at the height of his fame and beauty.

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