Lady Diana's sweetest gift for her Harry's 30th birthday

Lady Diana, story of a sad princess

That dazzling smile, the sumptuous dress, the bouquet he held tight in his hands: on 29 July 1981, Lady Diana Spencer was a teacher of 20 years of excellent family who was preparing to make the fairy tale they dreamed of in many of her peers. He married Prince Charles of England in a majestic, solemn ceremony wearing a dress that has since gone on trend. A dress to which she assigned a very high emotional value, the sad princess.

On September 15th, to coincide with Prince Harry's 30th birthday, his children will inherit his wedding dress, designed by David and Elisabeth Emanuel.

Victorian style, woven with over 10 thousand pearly discs and with a train of 8 months. Together with this iconic dress, on September 15th the two princes according to the maternal provisions will also inherit other objects belonging to Lady D: photographs, letters and jewels.

Prince Harry, in particular, will come into possession of the maternal inheritance, which according to the Sunday Times would be a more than substantial sum. Meanwhile, the prince starts the Invictus Games which will be played between 10 and 14 September in the London Olympic facilities, the games he sponsored.

"It's the best way to celebrate my 30th birthday," said Harry. A way that would be appreciated even by his mother.

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