Lady D's iconic looks: here are some unforgettable ones

Lady D's iconic looks: here are some unforgettable ones

Designed and perfectly adapted to her, they have made her a style icon: here are some unforgettable looks of Princess Diana

Wanting to write an article on the iconic looks of Princess Diana, or Lady D, is like wanting to be on a page "War and Peace". You can't, it's an understatement! Diana had her own very personal elegance, her own way not only of wearing clothes, but of interpreting them, which has remained in history, along with some of the looks with which we have seen her. In this post, I review some of the outfits and accessories that immediately come to mind when I think of her.

The iconic looks of Lady D: the sheath dress with the bare shoulder

It could still be on a red carpet today, it is so modern and worn with ease. In addition to its allure, the jewels make this look regal, also considering the fact that the rest of the accessories are super simple. Incidentally, this little black dress has gone down in history for being the dress that Diana chose to show herself in public after the revelation about her husband's betrayal.

Princess Diana with Christina Stambolian's sheath dress in June 1994 – source Getty Images

The iconic looks of Lady D: casual in anti-mine campaigns

Even during his humanitarian campaigns, his style was not affected by one iota. Easy with a white shirt and beige trousers, has contributed to making a certain type of moccasin a style icon: that simplicity that conquers.

Princess Diana in Angola – source Getty Images

The iconic looks of Lady D: the little blue dress

She had more than one, of various shades of blue and always with deep necklines, but never vulgar, square or round. Even the look below could easily be worn even today without disfiguring modernity.

Princess Diana wears a Jacques Azagury dress with Jimmy Choo pumps – source Getty Images

Lady D's iconic looks: in red

Certainly the Princess was not afraid to use color: red, blue, but also green and yellow. The bright colors gave her particularly, made her complexion and her eyes stand out. Notice once again how current her way of dressing is, even much more elegant than many red carpet outfits that are seen today. When we say that elegance is innate …

The Princess in Argentina – source Getty Images

Lady D's iconic looks: jewels

As a princess, but not only. She wore diamonds, precious stones and other jewels that were nothing short of important, but she could also wear a string of pearls on a lace dress with the same royalty. Take notes!

Princess Diana on a visit to Germany – source Getty Images

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