Lady D's secrets re-emerge from some recordings (now public)

Lady D's secrets re-emerge from some recordings (now public)

Lady D recorded on tape the secrets of her sad marriage to Carlo: "He told me I was fat". Camilla? "He swore eternal love on the phone"

Lady Diana has no peace even after almost twenty years since her tragic death. Now, the secret recordings of the sad princess have been revealed and the world knows, even more in detail, the sinister background of her marriage to Charles of England.

"Carlo once touched my life and told me:" There is a bit of fat here ". This is just one of the outlets that Diana Spencer impressed on tape in secret recordings delivered to Andrew Morton. The journalist, in 1992, published a book on his biography, which will now be reprinted in a new edition containing all of Lady D's private statements. William and Harry's mother had actually specifically asked Morton not to disclose them, but the writer, although heavily criticized, has also decided to make them known to the public.

What transpires from the secret records of the most regretted princess in the world? After almost two decades since that August 31, 1997, the princes of England will have to return painfully to all the details of their mother's turbulent history. Some facts are already more than known: the five attempted suicides, the suspicion of the betrayal of the husband with Camilla and the coldness of Buckingham Palace towards him. Diana talks about bulimia, which started shortly after the official engagement with Carlo and probably because of that unpleasant comment on too many kg. "When I tried the wedding dress for the first time, my waistline was 74 cm. The wedding day was 58 ".

Diana also tells of her main torment regarding the marriage with Carlo: the obsession with the relationship with Camilla. "I heard him talking on the phone in the bathroom:" Whatever happens I will always love you. " After that episode the two had a hard fight and Diana gave vent to her in her "battery diary": "Anger, anger, anger! Why isn't he honest with me? " Finally, the recordings reveal his enormous doubts a few days before the royal wedding: the princess had confided to the sisters that she wanted to cancel everything. "It's too late," they say to her, "your face is now printed on tea towels."

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