Lady Facchinetti, horse accident: on Instagram the photo from the hospital

Lady Facchinetti, horse accident: on Instagram the photo from the hospital

Wilma Faissol had a bad horse accident and was operated on urgently: on social media she wanted to reassure all her fans

Bad accident for Wilma Faissol, who has recently been hospitalized in the clinic: Francesco Facchinetti’s wife fell from her horse and was operated on for a fractured shoulder. From her hospital bed, she still wanted to send a message to all her fans. And she once again showed herself a true force of nature.

Wilma Faissol, the horse accident

“Wednesday morning Wally still lost his balance as he went and spread out on the ground” – wrote Wilma on his Instagram profile, thus explaining the reason for his temporary absence on social media – “I fractured my humerus and they operated on me yesterday “. Facchinetti’s wife wanted to tell the fans about her misadventure, reassuring them: the surgery went well, and she too, if she still has it for a while, she can say she is lucky for the not too serious results of the fall of her.

The thought, of course, also went to his beloved horse: “Wally looks ok, he has a bump on his side and a few scratches, however now let’s check what happens to him”. It is not the first time that Wilma has had an accident of this kind. Just a couple of months ago, she had to go to the emergency room for a head injury and some head injuries that required a few stitches. On this occasion, however, the matter immediately turned out to be a little more serious and the doctors had to operate urgently.

Wilma, having left the surgery behind, wanted to share some photos from her hospital bed on Instagram – she is currently hospitalized at the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan. And so we see her with the drip on her arm and a few bruises scattered here and there, intent on making the sign of victory with her fingers. Beside her, Francesco Facchinetti who gives her a tender kiss on her forehead. And then many shots of her splendid horse, with which the beautiful model has an incredibly strong relationship. Everything suggests that once she gets back on her feet, she won’t wait long to get back on the saddle.

Wilma Faissol

Wilma Faissol in the hospital, the photo on Instagram

Wilma, the message of Francesco Facchinetti

In these difficult days, Francesco was always next to his wife. Documenting the story among his Instagram stories, he kept fans informed with timely updates, both before and after the operation. And now that the worst seems to be behind us, Facchinetti has published a very sweet post: “My wife… I thought I was the one with the scars but even in this, as in everything, she is better than me. Soon we will return home to the children who can’t wait to see their mother. Thanks for all your messages, thank you very much. Come on Wilma ”.

The photos she decided to share represent the naked reality: the X-rays of the shoulder, with the humerus fractured and then reassembled, but also the huge bruise that still accompanies her on the arm, a tangible sign of the accident she had. a few days ago. But Wilma is a strong and courageous woman, always ready to get up even after a fall – metaphorical or literal be it. This time she is no exception, and it is only a matter of time before she returns to conquer the world, still riding her beloved horse.

Wilma Faissol

Wilma Faissol, Francesco Facchinetti’s photo on Instagram

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