Lady Gaga cries for Italy: "I love you, you will overcome everything"

Lady Gaga cries for Italy: "I love you, you will overcome everything"

Tiziano Ferro publishes on Instagram a video in which Lady Gaga sends a message to the Italians, moving "I love you, you will overcome everything"

Lady Gaga sends a video message addressed to the Italians, to comfort them in this difficult moment of emergency Coronavirus (which despite the beginning of phase 2 is still critical) and is moved.

The pop star addresses words full of sentiment and sincere participation in Italy, from which her family comes, and in which her relatives still live: her grandfather had in fact emigrated from Naso, in the province of Messina, to reach the United States of America in 1908.

The video, published on his friend Tiziano Ferro's Instagram account, made the boom of views.

I am very sorry for all the people who are suffering in Italy today. I'm not sure what to say, other than that I love you. I love you, you are in my prayers. I know that many people are scared, and that many elderly people are closed at home at the moment, I have some relatives in Sicily. I promise you it will be all right, you will overcome everything. I want to tell you that you are in my heart and in my prayers. We must be united and be kind. I send you all my love and prayers. Some of my friends say that when things get difficult, it's the moment when Dioti is closer, in difficulties. I hope that anyone in Italy feels the embrace of something divine, like the wings of an angel around the boot.

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