Lady Gaga, ovation from Fazio: Italy that she will not forget (and that made her move)

Lady Gaga

The last episode of “Che Tempo Che Fa” saw as a guest the splendid Lady Gaga, who retraced her career getting very excited

Lady Gaga in Milan, the red femme fatale dress is irresistible

Gorgeous and very excited, Lady Gaga arrived in the studio at Che Tempo Che Fa to present her new film, House of Gucci. For the occasion, Fabio Fazio wanted to retrace his brilliant career with her, giving her many surprises. And the pop star couldn’t help but be moved by the warmth of the Italy she has always loved.

Lady Gaga guest by Fazio

A few words in Italian to greet the audience were enough to unleash a very long applause, which tells all the love of millions of fans in spasmodic anticipation of this moment. Lady Gaga, Fabio Fazio’s guest, once again proved to be a wonderful person: kind and easy-going, she didn’t hold back in front of any questions and gave us a unique emotion. Starting with her inimitable style, which this time led her to show off a long dress with a leopard print – which, on her, didn’t clash one iota.

Beautiful, Lady Gaga immediately felt the warmth of those present in the studio, and the emotion was great. We saw her with shining eyes following the images of her songs sung by thousands of protesters in the Italian squares, against the sinking of DDL Zan, and she spent beautiful words to make her support for the LBGTQI + community felt again. Then Fazio recalled some of the highlights of his career, also listing the endless list of awards (including a well-deserved Oscar) celebrating incredible talent.

And it is precisely by reviewing those unforgettable successes that made history flow before her eyes, Lady Gaga did not hold back her tears. The ovation of the audience was the most beautiful homage for her, an emotion so intense that it left her speechless. “Here it ends badly, we just cry” – said Fabio Fazio, trying to ease the tension – “But they are tears of joy, of absolute beauty”. The pop star did nothing but add: “Looking at these images I thought about how my family will be proud”.

Lady Gaga, an incredible love for Italy

For her, on the other hand, the family has always played a central role. The bond with his mother Cynthia is incredible: together, they have become UN ambassadors for mental health, a commitment they share with great honor. But Lady Gaga also has another figure that she carries with her heart, and it is that of her grandfather Giuseppe, from whom she inherited her Italian origins. “I always think of my family” – admitted the artist – “When we were shooting House of Gucci I thought many times about my grandfather. He was a really strong man ”.

Speaking of him, she was moved: “He was a shoemaker, he and my grandmother Angelina were married for a lifetime. Whenever I talk to her, she tells me she always thinks of my grandfather. So when I made the film I thought about them and how they came close to giving me a better life ”. It is also due to her Italian roots that Lady Gaga is in love with our country, and this time it was Italy that gave her a splendid emotion.

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