Lady Gaga purple makeup: how to do it at home

Lady Gaga purple makeup: how to do it at home

Lady Gaga’s make-up for the House of Gucci premiere enchanted fans and non-fans: here are the must-have products accessible to all to reproduce it

At the premiere of the House of Gucci Lady Gaga enchanted with her look: a fluttering purple dress from Gucci Love Parade, a long and smooth platinum blonde hair and a bright purple eye make-up, which perfectly highlighted her green eyes. The makeup look went around the web and in a few hours, but even days later, videos and photos appeared to try and reproduce it. The products used by Lady Gaga are those of her brand, Haus of Labs, but we want to give you alternatives to reproduce the Lady Gaga purple makeup that has enchanted everyone, fans and not only.


  • To make eye makeup last longer you need a base
  • La palette must have se ami i makeup colorati
  • The even cheaper alternative to copy Lady Gaga’s purple makeup
  • This trick can’t be done without a black pencil
  • How to make lips full and shiny

To make eye makeup last longer you need a base

To create an intense make-up like Lady Gaga’s, you need to create a base that brings out the colors at their best and keeps them vivid and shiny for a long time. Choose an eye primer that uniforms the color of the eyelid and also helps you in the application of eyeshadows. By acting as a grip, the colors will be much brighter and more saturated. In addition, an eye primer guarantees a greater hold on the make-up, without the color shifting into the folds of the eye due to an oily eyelid or losing intensity over the hours, discharging the color and making the make-up more opaque.

purple makeup Lady Gaga

To bring out the bright colors well, you can choose to use a white cream base to spread over the entire eyelid, blending it so as not to create too much thickness. If you are a beginner you can pass a veil of powder to slightly dry the cream product, even if you will lose a little of the intensity of the color. If, on the other hand, you know how to handle brushes well, dab the color on the mobile eyelid for a full and bright result, then gradually blend the edges. In addition to the white base you can also use a cream base of the same color as the chosen eyeshadow, in this case purple, or a black base, which will tend to darken the make-up but, especially with metallic or duochrome eyeshadows, will give life to unexpected reflections.

bright purple makeup Lady Gaga

La palette must have se ami i makeup colorati

Once the primer or creamy base has been applied, it is time to choose the eye shadow protagonist of the Lady Gaga purple Premiere House Of Gucci makeup. Choose a pure, classic purple, neither too dark nor too light and lilac, nor plum or burgundy. This is a metallic purple, probably creamy, because you can see a buildup of product on the eyelid which gives a slightly aged effect. To avoid this, apply a purple metallic powder eyeshadow, to spread and blend with the brush and then intensify on the mobile eyelid by applying it directly with the fingertip for a greater release of color.

A very versatile palette if you love to experiment with makeup or if you want many different alternatives of color and texture in a single product, is the BPerfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie Carnival III Love Tahiti. 40 shades of eyeshadow of each color to create infinite makeup combinations. There is also a purple that is very similar to that of Lady Gaga purple makeup, also because there are various shades of purple that could help you in the nuance. The value for money is excellent: € 40.90 for 40 eyeshadows, practically € 1 each and which, often and willingly, you can also buy at a discount.

colorful makeup eyeshadow palette

Bperfect Cosmetics X Stacey Marie, Carnival III Love Tahiti Palette. Price: € 40.90 On

The even cheaper alternative to copy Lady Gaga’s purple makeup

If you are looking for an even cheaper alternative, however, there is no shortage of palettes with a medium-low price, the important thing is to choose one that has a purple point as similar as possible to Lady Gaga’s purple makeup. The Nyx Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette Festival palette contains a perfect shade to make this makeup, but there are really special ones to create many different makeups, including cold and warm colors, light and dark, opaque and bright.

Palette colorata Nyx Professional Makeup

Nyx Professional Makeup, Ultimate Shadow Palette Festival. Prezzo: 14,95€ Su

This trick can’t be done without a black pencil

To give greater intensity, Lady Gaga’s makeup artist blended a black pencil along the lash line but keeping the shade rather thick, as if to create an eyeliner that borders the eye but without going outwards. Compared to the mobile eyelid, the outer corner and the lower part of the eye are in fact darker. Just apply the black pencil and blend it with a brush, then dab over the purple eyeshadow to make it darker. The black pencil also goes inside the eye, in the upper and lower inner lash line, to make the gaze even more magnetic. Choose a waterproof, long-lasting pencil or a gel eyeliner to apply with the brush, so the color inside the eye will last longer.

black eye pencil nabla cosmetics

Nabla Cosmetics, Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo #4. Prezzo: 15,90€ Su

How to make lips full and shiny

The lips in this makeup are shiny and full, but not with a star color. They accompany the eye look in a present but discreet way, without diverting the focus from the protagonist color, purple. So choose a plumping and extremely shiny gloss, which gives an optical effect of more voluminous lips, with a warm nude shade and, above all, full of micro glitters that capture even more the light, preferably golden. To make your lips even more volumized, you can outline them with a pencil slightly darker than your natural color before applying the gloss or use a lip volumizer when you start putting on make-up, so that you have time to act.

Gloss lucidalabbra nude

Fenty Beauty, Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer Fenty Glow. Prezzo: 19,90€ Su

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