Lady Gaga turns 35 and is increasingly an icon

Lady Gaga turns 35 and is increasingly an icon

Lady Gaga blows out 35 candles. The singer (and actress) has been able to conquer a place of honor among the biggest stars on the world scene.

It was 2008 when a young 22-year-old singer, who praised Italian origins, bewitched the whole world with her Poker Face, a pop success destined to go down in history. Today, that girl has come a long way and has become one of the greatest artistic icons in the world: we are talking about Lady Gaga, a multifaceted artist who turns thirty-five. Born under the sign of Aries on March 28, 1986, Stefani Germanotta was able to highlight her immense talent, demonstrating versatility and flexibility, both in the musical field, both in the film field and beyond. Over the years he has been able to demonstrate a tenaciously human side, opening himself to his own weaknesses and sometimes to the sad vicissitudes of life: fibromyalgia, abuse, psychological trauma.

Her colossal artistic depth places Lady Gaga rightfully among the stars who have irreversibly marked the history of world music. Album after album, the singer has been able to reinvent herself, both in looks and in musical genres. His debut, as already mentioned, takes place in 2008 with singles such as Just Dance, Paparazzi and LoveGame, contained in his very first album, The Fame, characterized by markedly electropop and dance sounds. These musical themes are also found in the next EP, The Fame Monster, of which Bad Romance and Alejandro undoubtedly remember. The definitive consecration, however, took place in 2011 with the release of one of the most influential albums of the last ten years, Born This Way. This is where musical gems like Judas, Marry The Night, The Edge of Glory and You and I are found (plus, of course, the track that gives the album its name).

From this moment, however, Gaga will begin to experiment, sometimes moving away from her musical origins. If Artpop represents a sort of watershed in the artistic career of the singer, as it takes up the work previously built, fading towards darker colors and synth pop, a clear cut is with Joanne. Released in 2016, the album is a tribute to his family (it takes, in fact, the name of the young aunt who died prematurely), and approaches a more intimate, sweet and sometimes country sound, which does not give up musical masterpieces , among which the ballad Million Reasons stands out.
The return to dance music only took place last year with Chromatica, an album anticipated by the singles Stupid Love and Rain on Me.

And it is after Joanne that Lady Gaga decides to venture into new waters, further deepening her artistic path: she approaches the world of cinema, acting alongside Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, of which she also takes care of the soundtrack. The film is a colossal success and Shallow, the song that has consecrated its success, wins the Oscar 2019 as best song.
This fortunate actor's parenthesis, however, was not an isolated case, as in 2015 the artist had made his debut in American Horror Story: Hotel, the fifth season of the famous anthological TV series signed by the creative mind of Ryan Murphy, in which he had received a considerable consensus.

At the moment, Gaga is involved in a new film project: she is in fact shooting House of Gucci, a film in which she plays the role of Patrizia Reggiani, the wife and instigator of the murder of the famous designer. Another colossal success promises to be signed by a star who, at the age of thirty-five, has now become an indelible icon of the world art scene.

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