Lady Gaga, without makeup (and without deception) on Instagram: words that touch the heart

Lady Gaga, without makeup (and without deception) on Instagram: words that touch the heart

Lady Gaga wanted to celebrate an important milestone, sharing a shot without makeup or filters on Instagram. And it’s wonderful

Lady Gaga, the crazy outfits at the premiere of House of Gucci

Lady Gaga, the crazy outfits at the premiere of House of Gucci

When an artist manages to reach everyone’s heart, when every look or even a simple selfie without filters goes around the world in a flash. But above all when a woman sends important messages, remaining humble even after having achieved global success. It is then that we can speak of a true Diva, with a capital “d”. And Lady Gaga perfectly embodies everything a performer can bestow on her audience. Unforgettable moments on stage and on the big screen, but also small glimpses of the most intimate part of oneself.

Lady Gaga, wonderful natural beauty

That she is a talented singer and actress is beyond doubt. But if there is one thing that has made Lady Gaga a beloved star all over the world, one of a kind, it is her ability to create crazy looks that leave their mark with each appearance. Whether it’s a red carpet or a concert, it doesn’t matter: the divine Lady Gaga doesn’t dress fashion, she creates it. And yes, every time we are there in adoration to worship her as a goddess.

This time, however, the artist surprised everyone with a natural shot that (we can venture) makes the exhibition even more beautiful. Putting aside sequins and eccentricity for a moment (how to forget her at the premiere of House of Gucci in that sparkling Very Peri-colored dress), Lady Gaga shared an image of herself on Instagram that strays a lot from what we are used to admiring.

Not even a trace of make-up on her face, a very “homely” black sweatshirt and blond hair gathered without too much care. So Lady Gaga got naked, letting her natural beauty emerge. No filter on his face, as well as in the splendid words he wrote to celebrate an important (yet another) milestone.

Lady Gaga’s emotional message

There is a very specific reason that prompted Lady Gaga to share such an unusually natural and wonderful image of herself and which is probably what makes her even more beautiful. The artist received a nomination for the 2022 SAG Awards as best actress for her interpretation of Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci, a film thanks to which she put her talent to the test, confirming herself as one of the excellences of contemporary cinema.

“I am so grateful to have been named Best Actress by @sagawards for my performance in House of Gucci wrote Lady Gaga on Instagram – along with Jared Leto nominated for Best Supporting Actor.”

Then she added a very sweet reflection, traveling back in time to when she was just a little girl with her drawer full of dreams and hopes: “I had long dreamed of being an actress and I studied from an early age because I was passionate and committed in storytelling through art. Being recognized by the other actors touches my heart and it is deeply meaningful to be included in this artistic community of brave and imaginative people. Thank you so much and congratulations to all the other nominees and all the actors in this year’s films – you are all gifts to the world and I am so honored to be in your company. 💕☀️ I’m very excited 🙏 I love you all so much ”.

Show yourself without make-up to expose your heart and sensitivity. A brave choice, but basically we couldn’t expect better from Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga without makeup on Instagram

Lady Gaga shows herself natural on Instagram and sends an exciting message

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