L’Allieva 3 last season: Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale could think again

Alessandra Mastronardi e Lino Guanciale

Will Allieva 3 be the last season of the series? Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale could reconsider

Will Allieva 3 be the last season of the fiction? Alessandra Mastronardi a few months ago announced the end of the TV series based on the books of Alessia Gazzola starring the actress and her colleague Lino Guanciale.

"Lino and I decided to make a point – he revealed to Io Donna at the beginning of the summer -. At a certain moment you have to have the courage, and I say it as a spectator: I was a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy, after fifteen years … Enough! ". The TV series could have ended with the finale of the second season of L’Allieva in which Alice joins Claudio at the airport to ask him not to leave. The two then run away, hand in hand, after learning of the attack against Sergio. Ending the show like this, however, would have left a bitter taste in the mouth of the fans who became passionate about the show.

In the third season of the Allieva, as anticipated by Mastronardi, the strings will be drawn and each character will have his own resolution. But what if it didn't end here? After the summer months, which also marked the marriage of Lino Guanciale to Antonella Liuzzi, something could have changed. In a new interview with La Repubblica, Alessandra Mastronardi answered the fateful question. Will season number 3 be the last of the pupil? The answer was rather cryptic: “Maybe yes or maybe no – he said -. There are so many question marks ”.

A big step back from months ago when Mastronardi and Guanciale said they were ready to leave L’Allieva. It is not yet clear what will happen therefore, certainly the conditions for a fourth season are all there. The new episodes of the TV series are in fact inspired by two books by Alessia Gazzola: Arabesque and A bit of madness in spring. However, there is another novel, published in 2018 and titled The Gentleman Thief that could be the focus of a new season of the show. In the book Alice, in crisis with Claudio, is transferred elsewhere to continue her doctorate and arrives in Domodossola. All that remains is to understand if these story developments will be included in the new episodes of L’Allieva 3 or if they could form the starting point for a fourth season with Lino Guanciale and Alessandro Mastronardi.

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