Lapo Elkann, kisses with girlfriend Joana Lemos: "I am a very happy man"

Lapo Elkann, kisses with girlfriend Joana Lemos: "I am a very happy man"

The entrepreneur has come out into the open with a new love: his girlfriend is Joana Lemos, a former Rally champion of Portuguese origin

Lapo Elkann has come out into the open with a new love: the scion of the Agnelli family has confessed to having a special person by his side, ready to support and love him: it is Joana Lemos, a former Portuguese Rally champion.

A strong woman, successful manager and very committed to social issues, very different from the companions that Lapo had in the past, and who has been able to give him serenity and a smile again.

Interviewed by the weekly Chi, the entrepreneur confessed: "I have a great desire to take root, at the moment I am a very happy man because I have a person beside me who gives me so much."

Lapo Elkann opened his heart to Alfonso Signorini's weekly after the serious accident he suffered in Israel last January. A car accident while traveling between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv that has profoundly changed it. After the sufferings given by this event, Lapo decided to devote a good part of his time to helping others, through his charitable foundations.

"If today I am doing what I do, it is also thanks to a person who gives me a great hand and great support – said Lapo -. I do everything possible to protect our relationship out of respect for her life and because I care a lot about her. "

Lapo Elkann and Joana Lemos were photographed during a short cruise in the Balearics aboard a friend's boat, between tender hugs and salt-flavored kisses. The former sportswoman is 47 years old, has two children and a marriage behind her, and their relationship seems to have given Lapo that self-confidence that he seemed to have lost after the accident.

“My insecurity has led me to have many ties – said Lapo – in my not being well with myself I have sought confirmation in women to fill an inner hole. I am grateful to everyone, because each of them has brought something into my life ".

The entrepreneur admitted that the relationship with Joana is different from the previous ones, which is giving him emotions that he had never felt before: "Now it's different: I'm happy and in love. From a human point of view, I feel rich thanks to my Foundation and I would like to help the world with one goal: to demonstrate that being good can only make us all better ".

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