Lapo Elkann, the tender dedication to his partner Joana: "I couldn't ask for better"

Lapo Elkann

Lapo Elkann makes a very sweet dedication to his partner Joana Lemos: the entrepreneur, for the first time, suggests that she is just the right one

Deep, all-encompassing, passionate and yes, let's face it, also salvific: the love that binds Lapo Elkann and Joana Lemos seems to be one destined to last. It seems to have taken the forms of that kind of feeling that arrives and distorts life for the better, erasing many difficulties with a swipe of the sponge and imposing itself in a bright, clear, intense way.

To make this understood are not only the shots stolen by the paparazzi, who followed Lapo Elkann step by step during the summer immortalizing him in very tender attitudes with Joana. And to be honest, it's not even the kisses and cuddles that the two exchanged in the sunlight.

What makes us understand how deep the feeling between the entrepreneur and the manager and activist (former rally driver) is are precisely the sentences of the person concerned, who in recent times has spared no statement about his emotional state. More than strong were the words released to the magazine Chi, directed by Alfonso Signorini:

I really want to take root, right now I am a very happy and in love man. I have a person next to me who gives me so much. If today I am doing what I do, it is also thanks to a person who gives me a great hand and a great support. I do what I can to protect our relationship out of respect for her life and because I care a lot about her.

And if these words already seemed a hymn to love coming from a new and stronger Lapo Elkann, changed after the serious car accident in Israel in January, to confirm the sweet feeling that binds Elkann and Lamos is a post on Twitter written by Lapo himself, which accompanies a tender photo of the couple:

Joana is the best woman I can have by my side and I've never loved anyone like that. She always helps and supports me: I could not have wished for better in my whole life.

Tender words that tell of a different man, who has gone through many difficulties and vicissitudes. Lapo Elkann will speak to Verissimo about these difficulties: he will be the first guest of the new season of the talk show hosted by Silvia Toffanin.

Lapo Elkann

Lapo Elkann's dedication on Twitter

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