Lasse Matberg, the Viking officer who conquered Instagram

Lasse Matberg, the Viking officer who conquered Instagram

Lasse Matberg became famous in such a short time that he didn't even notice it, he charmed more than 100,000 fans thanks to his particular shots

Her name is Lasse Matberg and she is one of the Instagram stars. With over 100,000 followers reached in record time, the Viking was soon nicknamed. And how can this curious nickname be removed? Especially considering his true Norwegian Doc look: long blond hair, a beard that makes him look like a lumberjack, an ax with which to cut wood and an athletic physique. The whole is completed by powerful arms. In short, many women would like to have such a man next to them, all the more associating his irresistible figure with the work that Lesse does.

Lesse Matberg is an officer in the Norwegian navy. One of those who do their job with passion and duty. Not only that, the mighty male has a tender heart, and in the various adventurous photographs he holds tender puppies to himself. Other shots portray him while he is in the gym training with weights or swimming in the pool. Her wet hair, as several followers have pointed out, looks really sensual. Not to mention her sexy look in a Norwegian military uniform. In other shots posted on Instagram, Lesse simply drinks a coke, but here too it is full of Nordic charm.

It is no coincidence, in short, that the comparison has arrived with Thor, the main Scandinavian divinity, who works for the good of the world and who is known today because of the Marvel superhero. And looking at the two you can only admit that the comparison is really spot on: same look, same lift, even the same look. The only things missing from Lesse Matberg are the suit with the hammer. And once you find those, he can finally go and save the world from bad Loki. The comments below his shots leave no room for doubt: the Norwegian does not seem of this world, rather it seems to come directly from Scandinavian mythology.

It is a joke, of course, but looking at how he plays American football or how he is on a motorcycle, some doubts are legitimate. Not to mention the photos in which Lesse is in briefs, with his back facing the camera lens. All the muscles of the back sculpted, with the hair braided in a cute pigtail. It is the hour of fame, in short, for the Norwegian naval officer, who cannot even follow all the comments on his Instagram profile and simply prefers to delight us with new shots.

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